Anglo-American Imperialism to Continue?

Food for Thought
by Food for Thought

A concise, intelligent, two-part interview with Historian Webster Tarpley considers the men who have prepared / 'tutored' Obama for this next phase of geopolitical intrigue.

Who are these men?

What are their plans?

for Iran?

for China?

for Russia?

for the American people?

Will the public be fooled again?

Part one:

Part two:

Hope you enjoy watching it...



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by samsam1111 on

was kidding,,You missed my point..I,m saying the same thing..especialy his Russia China Sudan kakamainy & Iran attack Russia..::)) heeh + Berzinsky is a nobody ..


IRI zionism ?

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Why are you people so obsessed with Israel or zionism?? What do you think the IRI is? Angeles??

What about IRI's zionism in Iran and abroad??? I don't want to call it Islamofascism because I don't think it appopriately describes the IRI's racism and bigotry and sense of supremacy.

Do you really think IRI cares about these mercenary arabs? IRI is using them to use them as canon fodder to do their proxy wars. It is really none of our business. We should try to clean up our own backyard before criticizing others in one hypocritical blog after anotehr.



by Zion on

As I wrote back then, there is no conspiracy theory here. The businesses were behind Obama because he could give a new face to America that is good for business. This is no secret, and no conspiracy theory. What the guy in the video is talking about is a typical conspiracy theory, nothing else.


lol ,Zion, He must have copied my blog in June

by samsam1111 on


by samsam1111

The same mighty invisible hands who found a fairly unknown Jimmy from the Cotton fields of Georgia are hard @ work shoving their next tactical pick , an unknown entity with short history of great speeches in last 4 yrs through the back door via sheer Mass Media hysteria & infatuation.

Mr CNN & the so called "Best political team on television"(lol) and the Mass Media have been propping up Mr Obama for the last 11 months & at the same time bashing & belittling all other candidates of both parties.

America,s industrial elite needs to re invent America for the new century to be marketable to global masses..1st step "lower Dollar" have already been taken courtesy of Goldman sachs of the markets. Now comes the Salesman... The "Industrial Elite" favoured presidential candidate must be repackeged to have the "new American" friendly Image of Globalism.Favourite candidate Obama encompasses all these marketable Global qualities .The big Blue chips are planning to reclaim Global markets for American products from south america to Middle east & gain the markets that Bush Jr mismanagment lost for them. Tailored candidate Obama is a little bit of everything the newly packaged America needs to be Global friendly & marketable . He has after all a little bit of every thing in him... Black, White, Muslim, Orphan, Immigrant, Leftie, Ethnic, Centric, etc.. wow He can even lay claim to his Oriental upbringing in Indonasia too.

Because of all these much publicized traits (on mass media);

The lobbied candidate Obama is already a beloved Icon in Africa, a respected leftist in south america, A peace loving Diplomat to Europeans and believe it or not "Imam Obama" for Jehadists & average "Moe" in Middle East & Mullah land.

Obama is the perfect poster child for newly " repackaged & friendly America" brought to You by the same "Industrial Complex Elite" who gave you friendly Jimmy Carter right after Nixon & Vietnam fiasco to gain the global consumer trust.

Between the two I might Choose Mccain! because on the contrary to misinformations he is the more truthfull candidate and his Iran policy is wise ,predictable and trustworthy.

And here is Your comment on that blog;

Good Point

by Zion on

Obama is basically a disaster in the making, probably worse than Carter.
You are right, but it is not really a conspiracy. It is just the way these businesses operate, they can only see a bit further from their noses, and they always end up losing much more profit in the long run.





Like I said...

by Anonymousanonymous (not verified) on

The same people who will call everyone "anti-semites" for criticizing the Holy State of the Chosen People, also consider 99.8% of the world's population "Dirty Goyim". These people should be called Zio-Nazis.



by Zion on

Didn't know the anti-semite jerk Brzezinski had such loyal fans here. I guess I should have known. Very interesting.


A rule of thumb about accusations of "anti-semitism"

by Anonymousanonymous (not verified) on

Generally speaking, those who bark the loudest about "anti-semitism" are Jewish supremacists and Goy-haters who consider all non-Jews to be "Dirty Goyim".


zion: I don't have the

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

zion: I don't have the stomach to watch any of these videos or anything that FFT has to say.

However, Can you tell us what you mean by "there will be much more of this coming"??thx


Ha! Now reap what you have sown!

by Zion on

There will be much more of this coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the cancer of mistrust and conspiracy theories that you were in bed with for the last 8 years, out of your idiotic ideological partisanship. Now reap what you helped sow.

Still, I can't help it. To see the grand anti-semite jerk Brzezinski as the new focus of this kind of attention is truly an instance of poetic justice! :-)