Old english saying which has served this regime very well

by frazaghi



There is an old English saying which says " there is no eternal friend, there is no eternal enemy and there is only eternal interest"I think this is the base of the government of IRAN and all of crimes committed by this regime is coming from this philosophy or something similar and it is not at all about islam or " shiaa" or" sonni" and these are just tools in the hands of this  government to justify and give a religious color to their anti-humanistic crimes and there is no doubt in my mind that they appeal to everything at their disposal to hang on to power. The " guardian council" is the backbone of this government and " khameneii" is just figurative symbol and basically has no power and " Ahmadi nejad" is only a puppet who sometimes go wild and become rebellious and badsij ( As khomeini said it himself) is the strong arm of the regime which is used to defend the regim and fight off opponents in the most violent way.  



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by Majid on

This is Sir Winston Churchill's famous quote!

What do expect from Mullahs who have absolutely NO relations or ties whatsoever with "dowlat e fakhimeh"!