دختران بزک کردۀ فرقۀ ضاله


by Fred

اول خلاصۀ دو خبر را مطالعه فرمایید؛ اگر حوصله داشتید به یک سئوال پاسخ مبذول فرمایید.

١ـ "جامعه جهانی بهائی بیش از چهارصد مطلب مطبوعاتی و رسانه ای منتشر شده، در شانزده ماه گذشته در ایران را مورد بررسی قرارداده که گویای تلاشی «مکارانه و سازمان یافتۀ» مورد حمایت دولت، برای دهشتناک جلوه دادن و بدنام کردن بهائیان با بکاربردن «اتهامات دروغ، واژه های تحریک آمیز، و تصاویر نفرت انگیز» علیه این جامعه است."

٢ـ "خانه بهائیت در ابرکوه تخریب شد.

منزل حسن شمس رئیس فرقه ضاله بهائیت در روستای اسفندآباد ابرکوه، سابقه‌ای کمتر از هفتاد سال داشت و فاقد ارزش هنری و معماری خاصی بود که تخریب آن موجی از خوشحالی را در میان مردم این منطقه ایجاد کرده است.

مدیرکل اطلاعات استان یزد چندی پیش گفت: یکی از شیوه های فرقه ضاله بهائیت استفاده از گفتگوی هدفمند است که با بکارگیری دختران جوان و بزک کرده، خود را به جوانان نزدیک کرده و سعی در فریب آنها را دارند و الحمدلله اشرافیت اطلاعاتی بر فعالیت آنها وجود دارد."


آیا آن ایدئولوژی که سی و سه سال میشود که با ایجاد رعب و وحشت جان و مال ایرانیان را در اختیار گرفته و در تقابل با "گفتگوهای هدفمند" به زور و تهدید و ارعاب و "اشرافیت اطلاعاتی " و تخریب دست میزند؛ اصولاً بجز خشونت چیزی در انبان دارد؟



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I can't understand

by RostamZ on

How these people were raised. They don't care about human dignity, they don't try to learn something new and by no means they have no use on this planet other than hurting and terrorizing anyone on their sight.

Tiger Lily

Pin-up Nookie Pantz since 1967:

by Tiger Lily on

Anis Cyrus

moalem ya sayyad ?

by Anis Cyrus on

Anis Cyrus

moalem ya sayyad ya jallad?

by Anis Cyrus on



religion of peace dunnit again

by Waders on


Fruit of the 1400 year old religion of peace!

I dont put this on Iranians, it is 1400 years of encouraging hate and apathy

by clergy that has come to its final fruition.

All that is left is a Pendar vaahi!!!!!  


Mona 19

Shame on those who signed that paper ...

by Mona 19 on

The demolished house picture


I don't know if the house was belonged to a Baha'i or not, but it seems it was a historical house & It's not the first time that these extremist ignorant mullahs & their followers acting like Taliban who destroyed the towering Buddha statues in the Bamiyan.(Pictures ~Destructruction of Baha'i holy places)

Inciting Hatred: Iran's media campaign to demonize Baha'is (Report PDF)


Thank you Fred

Happy Thanksgiving, Mona 


I invite brother "salman farsi" to this blog....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

to comment and enlighten us about the Bahai faith, from Hojjatieh society perspective.

that is of course, unless, brother "salman-farsi" has already  been and commented :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Maryam Hojjat

ALL Iranians MUST Become BAHAIS

by Maryam Hojjat on

to show these Islamist bastards one thing: to HELL with ISLAM!


Typical IRI

by RostamZ on

I have never seen such a nasty bunch of people other than IRI. They lie, cheat, steal and terrorize everyone and at the end they claim they are messenger of the great and forgiving god.

Anis Cyrus


by Anis Cyrus on

A government with its power and the oil money, with special departments and a vast budget has been trying its best constantly for the last 31 years to destroy the Bahai comunity in Iran. They Killed innocent people, have expelled from their jobs and universities, have burned their houses and the place of work, kidnapped and tortured thousands and even destroyed more than 50 cemetries . So now, stop and meditate. What is the result of all this injustice and cruelty. The peaceful Bahai community remains firm and stronger than ever and its ideas and principles are now known and respected world wide.People who had never heard of the Bahai Faith today investigate the cause and reason of such steadfastness .Everyday more and more people join the large group of  people who raise their voice everywhere against the violation of Human Rights in Iran. And the Government of Iran.Where they stay today? Well, no need to say much.What a shame.

Hopefully soon these dark pages of our history shall end and Iran, a free one, will show its full splendour to the world.




Of oppressed Bahais

by پندارنیک on



حکومت اسرائیل وظیفه قانونی و اخلاقی‌ دارد تا از قوم شریف بهایی رفع
ظلم کند. این قوم شریف سزاوار حق خودمختاری در سرزمین مقدّس نیاکانی خویش
در حیفا می‌‌باشد. دولت اسرائیل موظف است هر چه سریعتر نسبت به پایان اشغال
سرزمین روحانی بهائیان اقدام کرده، خود مختاری آنان را
بلاشرط به رسمیت