by Fred

Eleven years ago today:

On 9/11, a pack of Muslim barbarians deprived thousands of American civilians in New York, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pa. from their most basic human rights, the right to life.

On 9/11 a pack of Muslim savages gave the sane world a taste of barbarism which uncounted millions of hapless Muslims have been victimized by for generations.

History does not have a reverse gear, however, it teaches lessons of past follies.

On 9/11, it became crystal clear that festering status quo and cuddling one’s own SOB regimes would do no more.

Today, more than any other time, the golden rule for the haves is:

Not compromising on human rights anywhere; insures human rights everywhere including their own.

As a tribute to those many thousands of murdered Americans on 9/11, America, you have both the moral authority and the power to make upholding human rights everyone's job one.


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by Frashogar on


911Truth Experts Speak Out



See also,  //www.911truth.org/


9/11 Changed all the Rules

by Faramarz on



Before 9/11 there were all these unwritten rules about what not to do when you are going after the Islamic terrorists.

For example, you could not fight them and kill them on Fridays or during Ramezan. You were not supposed to chase them into the mosques where they were taking sanctuary and hiding weapons. And you were not to go after them when they hid behind women and children.

9/11 changed all of that. Now we go after them no matter where they are or what day of the week it is.

In case you missed the 60 Minutes on Sunday, here is the story of the raid on Osama's compound and one of the Seals that shot him.



No 11 but only 1!

by Demo on

The blogger has got only 1 thing right in her 11 brief. And that is 11 years passed after 911 (US emergeny calls phone #, ain't that something!) of 11 years ago! The rest is just plain BALONEY.

Muslims (& not Muslim) barbarians? A pack of Muslims (& not Muslim, learn English!) savages? Guess who does hate so much anything to do about religion, and in particular about Islam & Muslims? A taste of barbarism (Forgot about Abu Ghoraib prison already?)? Crystal clear(Really? Where is that crysta?)?

And finally & more important than them all: The right to life is not & repeat is not the most basic human rights. The right to life is rather in GOD's hands. The 1 & only 1 who creates life & takes it away. The 1 & only 1 who has called 'the Truth' the most basic humans rights for them to learn per his own words. But unfortunately the real truth about 11 won't be known to us until the day that he puts the History @ its reverse gear!      


They were not all Americans

by anglophile on

Some 450 individuals from other nations were also the victims of 9/11 atrocities:





First Amendment


by First Amendment on

The circumstances surrounding the events of that gloomy day are still highly questionable, to say the least.......We had a heated debate on this date last year (time flies fast) .....those of us who are really interested in searching for the facts, face no shortage of helpful resources on the Net..........Enough of Muslim bashing, while the jury is still out..........

Our heart goes out to the family and friends of all innocent victims in that tragedy and the systematic crimes which followed it....Our paryers are always with all innocent victims.