3 Bastards

by Fred

Yesterday, the Syrian Ba'atist assassins working for the savage Bashar Assad, killed another 27 unarmed peaceful Syrian demonstrators.

The total count for the past four months is reaching 2000 murdered. There are many more thousands under torture and thousands who have fled to other countries.

According to indisputable evidence, the forces of the Islamist Rapist Republic, IRR, along with their Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist employees are in the thick of the murder spree.

Additionally, according to the French newspaper Les Echos, to keep the hereditary Assad presidency afloat, IRR has approved forking over lot of free oil and billions of crisp dollars. 

When, and it is a question of time, the unarmed Syrian Davids defeat the armed to the teeth Ba'atist/IRR/Hezbollah Goliath, it will be a much welcomed news for the enslaved Iranians.

Make no mistake; the emancipation of the Syrian people will affect everyone, particularly those who wish peace in the Middle East which necessitates putting out to pasture the entire IRR clan, “reformist” and all. With the Syrian route for spreading terrorism closed off to IRR, getting rid of the Islamist menace gets a lot easier.

Ergo, the imposition of airtight sanctions including oil on IRR is imperative, what is the sane world waiting for?


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Iran & Israel

by Fred on


The logical conclusion of this type of part historical facts mixed with strong dose of conspiracy theory is that, in facing such mighty devilish forces nothing can be done.

Nations have interests; they act according to those interests.

True, there has been many past wrong policies which has resulted to the current condition.

shame on them and on those Iranians who implemented those policies for them.

Right now a democratic Iran allied with her historical and strategic friend the state of Israel, the only democracy in the entire Middle East, is to the interest of the sane world.

Once Iran is emancipated, then perhaps lessons will be learned on how to safeguard national interests.  


It was the sane free democratic world that wanted islam for Iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And that has not changed a bit.

So why would they sanction the regimes life blood when they love the regime and created it to keep iranians backwards???

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Libya ... Syria ... next stop ?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

The terrorists of IRI and their supporters in the west are scared of the strenght and speed of these developments.

In Iran, people don't need air-tight sanctions ... just moral and material support will do.

PS: Fred dear - go read the list of Libya opposition leaders and draw a parallel line versus the IRI reformists ... perhaps then you can ease up on the Iranian opposition. Wishing for all your enemies to die out only makes you lose the battle - bitter and alone. 

Bad Stories for Bad Kids


Fred's Maleficent World!

by Tavana on

"Getting rid of the Islamist menace?" David & Goliath? Irani & Islami? Syrian Victims? IRI? NIAC? MKO? ...? ...? ...? ...? U Name It? None of them worries you, Fred. This is what worries you the most in & out everyday: "ISLAM." Ohhhhh! And what if, and what if, and again what if that is the true religion of GOD of which the real 'Bastards' are afraid, ha Fred? What if, Fred?

Ego or Egoh or A-Goh? All 3 in 1.



by پندارنیک on

Flammable sanity.

Mwa mwa