30,000 +

by Fred

The death toll in the ongoing crime against humanity in Syria has surpassed 30,000.
For nearly 18 months, Syrian Battist murderers, flown in specialist killers from the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic and Hezbollah terrorist cutthroats have had a freehand in slaughtering, literally slaughtering, unarmed Syrians.
Field artilleries, fighter bombers, helicopter gunships and tanks have been used in indiscriminately flattening neighborhoods after neighborhoods. Aleppo's souk, a world heritage site, is burning into othingness. 
And yet for all intents and purposes, the world is standing on the sideline doing nothing.
Syrian men, women and children, CHILDREN, are being raped, tortured and murdered with impunity.
For love of humanity, Syrians are human beings. Forget Arab leaders, they are only good at killing their own and not saving lives. Sane world leaders, somebody, anybody, do something!


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Do something?

by Demo on

"For love of humanity, Syrians are human beings." Do we have to laugh or to cry at such 'Travosh?'