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IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, has confirmed the illegal enrichment operation is taking place at the newest facility deep underground near Qom.

With the capacity for only 3000 centrifuges, which makes no sense for peaceful commercial usage, the well protected by armed forces and heavily fortified Fordow plant is nothing but a nuke bomb factory.

The moment habitually hostage taking Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) gets its nuke, is the moment the sane world will become hostage to the whims of the messianic Islamists who have repeatedly declared their mission to “manage the world.”

Before it is too late, imposition of air & maritime cargo inspections, air-tightening the sanctions along with materially helping the enslaved Iranian people to overthrow IRR is a must.

ps. of course this morning's assassination of another "nuclear scientist" in Tehran coinciding with the international community's outrage over IAEA's confirmation of illegal nuke operations at the underground Fordow plant is just coincidental.


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Quick, Fred!

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you can stream The World Tonight on BBC radio right now. 

classic analysis. One said:

"if the Americans tell them not to do something, they bloody well go and do it."


How about reverse psychology?