4-hour Tehran quickie

by Fred

According to Egyptian media, tomorrow on his way back from China, the newly elected President Morsi will be making a four-hour stop in Tehran.

It is Iran’s turn for the rotating chairmanship of the Nonaligned Movement. And since Egypt, at that time under Mubarak, had the previous rotating chairmanship, according to the protocol its current head of state has to hand over the ceremonial post to the next one.

In other words, all the hoopla by the ruling Messianic Islamists in Iran, their lobbies in the sane world, and the oil/business inspired declaring the failure of isolation policy and advocating regime saving "Grand Bargain" amounts to wishful thinking.

The Messianic Islamists are despised at home and reviled abroad, particularly by the neighbors and most specifically by the Arabs who detest their partnership with the Battists in the ongoing daily massacres of Syrian people.

To avoid the war the weaponized nuke acquiring messianic Islamists, “reformers” and all, are imposing on the region, time is at hand to make the sanctions airtight and start imposing air/naval cargo inspection.

Regime change by the Iranian people with logistical help from the Democracy Central, DC, is a must.


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4-min Tel Aviv quickie

by Demo on

A super quick next stop to discharge the overactive bladder's holdings of all times!




کورکورانه مرو در کربلا!



کورکورانه مرو در کربلا

تا نیفتی چون حسین اندر بلا


!A quick stop in Tehran because of an overactive bladder


Well Said, Fred

by Azarbanoo on

I agree with you.