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by Fred

Yesterday October the 10th was the 8th annual World Day Against the Death Penalty. This year’s focus is on the USA which executed 52 people and handed down 106 death sentences in 2009.

One hundred and thirty nine countries have abolished the state sanctioned murder and only eighteen countries continue with the barbaric practice which has proven to have no positive effect on crime prevention.

After China, the messianic Islamists ruled Iran is the world leader in state sanctioned murders. And as far as murdering underage “criminals” are concerned, messianic Islamists are world’s number one.

Officiall, only in the first six month of this Persian calendar year,  one hundred and thirty seven Iranians were murdered by the state.

Yesterday on the 8th anniversary of World Day Against the Death Penalty, four more Iranians were murdered by the state.







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by Simorgh5555 on


Quite right, Fred. The terrorist Islamists in Iran are the number one executioners and out rank China in this regard if you take into consideration the population ration between the two countries.


The only person to be officially executed by Israel was Eichman. But if you consider the innocent civilians in Lebanon and Gaza as Israeli executions you still don't get it:  Israel doesn't execute its own citizens, nor rape and torture them on a systematic scale the way your favorite terrorirsts in Iran does. In direct contrast, the terrorist occupiers in Iran have no qualms about killing Iranians.

If you don't believe me, look read the articles written by Robert Frisk (no friend of Israel and a supporter of Palestinian causes) who compared the clampdown of the protesters in Iran with armour clad, baton wielding Robocops with Israel soldiers. The irony is sadly lost on you.   


Sargord Pirouz

Hey folks at "Fred," at

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey folks at "Fred," at least in the US and Iran, there are trials. Consider all the executions conducted by you Israelis during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza and the 33-Dat War in Lebanon. You people executed thousands- no trial, no nothing- just the slaughter of innocents.