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The news item said: “Influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has urged people to follow Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's guidelines, five weeks after he challenged the authority of Iran's most powerful figure.”

And his turnabout face did not cause much of an outrage amongst Iranians which would not have been the case were it to happen in most other place.

The “reformers” were in power for eight years delivering not an iota of their widely promised “institutional reforms”, a certain political career ender were it to happen in most other places.

The two term Prime Minister who held the executive reign of power during the most brutal wanton killing spree in the Islamist Rapist Republic, IRR, without an even a hint of remorse for the past sins of omission or commission comes out of twenty years of political hibernation to lead the “Green Movement”, an unfathomable feat were it to happen in most other places.  


The list is long; to cut to the chase fairness mandates that the other side of the coin, the consumers and the enablers of this phenomenon have to be mentioned too.

 If not all Iranians, there are many who if not all the time, at least many times in their life, have seen fit to forget the past and expect new outcomes from old experiences. And since when it comes to forgetting past deeds there is this national largess in abundance, the absence of fiduciary duty, the lack of civic responsibility allows all the parties to change side, dogma and direction at will.


The irony, the absurdity of it all is not many see the utility, the essential need for accountability, but are always ready to justify their own demonstrably clear past mistakes and that of those they happen to espouse for the moment. It is like a surgeon gets to botch surgery after surgery and still be expected to do it right.  



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too true. We are a wishy

by vildemose on

too true. We are a wishy washy people and inherently nihilistic to the core.

We don't truly believe in anything that's why we fall for anything.



by AK69 on

- "Our ignorance of history causes us to slander our own times." - Flaubert


Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan