Ahmadinejad goes native

by Fred

After thirty one years of fighting it tooth and nail, the Islamist Rapist Republic has given up and is now into it in a “global” way, better late than never I say.

The enmity of the Islamist Rapists with anything having to do with Persian culture is as old as the introduction of their barbaric dogma. Celebration of life is contrary to the glorification of death which is the cornerstone of their world view; it is simply bad for their business.

On the heels of both houses of U.S. Congress and the United Nations recognizing Persian New Year, the show president of the Islamist Rapists has tried to do a catch-up by holding the first ever “global celebration of Nowruz”, here is what the little Islamist Rapist said:

“"It is a cause of joy that through collective cooperation Nowruz became global,"

Lets see if the barbarians will also relent on the Sizdah-bedar and other Persian cultural events and at least refer to them by their proper names.

But the clearest sign of the Islamist Rapists’ sincerity is for them to free the thousands upon thousands of Iranian men, women and children they are raping and torturing in their many prisons. They can call it the Norooz gift to the nation; it would certainly mean a lot more than the crummy stamp issued for their “global” propaganda effort.



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by HHH on

Stop this Islamist-Rapist crap.

These bitter people know nothing about religion, they're only after power, control and money, the 3 things they never had before and during shah.

Before you say a word about Iran, Iranians and the IRI regime you should ask yourself "what kind of man changes his Iranian name to FRED just so he can melt into some foreign society?".

The answer is: Someone who hates his own identity and ashames of being Iranian.

So start with the man in the mirror.