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by Fred

Secretary of State Clinton delivered a supportive speech at the annual AIPAC meeting, putting the lie to all the wishful thinking by the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty lapdog allies salivating at the thought of split between Israel and U.S.

Israel being a strategic, historical and cultural ally of Iran, naturally her security is of interest to those who think of Iran’s national interests once she is emancipated from the tyranny of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

In her speech Lady Clinton left no doubt about the continuation of the long term American strategic partnership with Israel. But, what she said about Iran -if it is anything other than a tactical policy- is cause for major worry with the potential to be a recipe for yet another shortsighted U.S. policy towards IRR.

 Secretary of State in part said:

 “For Israel, there is no greater strategic threat than the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. Elements in Iran's government have become a menace, both to their own people and in the region. Iran's president foments anti-Semitism, denies the Holocaust, and threatens to destroy Israel. The Iranian leadership funds and arms terrorists who have murdered Americans and Israelis alike. And it has waged a campaign of intimidation and persecution against its own people. …”  

The “elements” in IRR is the source of worry. In other words there are other “elements” in IRR who have not been and are not all the things the Secretary of State meticulously enumerated.  

If so, the American foreign policy towards IRR under her watch will have no better outcome than it did with her President of a husband pacing the hallway outside the men’s room at the UN for the “reformist” Islamist President to come out to shake his hand and break the ice.  

Anything but a regime change is barking up the wrong tree.





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Israel deserves the right to exist

by mahmoudg on

Israel, as just one example, has 20 software companies traded on the NYSE (or it might be NASDAQ).  The day Iran, or Palestine, or Lebanon, or Syria or for that matter the Saudi A-rabia (and companies they gooble up by oil money does not count), can boast that they have home grown technology industries (or any industry for that matter), traded on a US or European stock market floor is the day i am willing to listen to their grievances.  Until then, they shall shut up and continue to better themselves to be put at the same level as Israel.


Your 'LADY CLINTON' also said...

by TellitLikeitis on


is not the only threat on the horizon. Israel today is confronting some
of the toughest challenges in her history. The conflict with the
Palestinians and with Israel’s Arab neighbors is an obstacle to
prosperity and opportunity for Israelis, Palestinians, and people
across the region. And it threatens Israel’s long-term future as a
secure and democratic Jewish state.

status quo is unsustainable for all sides. It promises only more
violence and unrealized aspirations. Staying on this course means
continuing a conflict that carries tragic human costs. Israeli and
Palestinian children alike deserve to grow up free from fear and to
have the opportunity to live up to their full God-given potential.

is another path. A path that leads toward security and prosperity for
all the people of the region. It will require all parties – including
Israel – to make difficult but necessary choices.

sides must confront the reality that the status quo of the last decade
has not produced long-term security or served the interests of
Israelis, Palestinians, or the people of the region. Nor has it served
the interests of the United States. It is true that heightened security
measures have reduced the number of suicide bombings and given some in
Israel the hope that the status quo could be sustained. But the
dynamics of demography, ideology, and technology make this impossible.

we cannot ignore the long-term population trends that result from
Israeli occupation. As Defense Minister Barak and others have observed,
the inexorable mathematics of demography are hastening the hour at
which Israelis may have to choose between preserving their democracy
and staying true to the dream of a Jewish homeland. Given this reality,
a two-state solution is the only viable path for Israel to remain both
a democracy and a Jewish state.

we cannot be blind to the political implications of continued conflict.
There is a struggle between those in the region who accept peace and
coexistence with Israel, and those who reject it and seek only
continued violence. The status quo strengthens the rejectionists who
claim peace is impossible and weakens those who would accept
coexistence. That does not serve Israel’s interests or our own. Those
willing to negotiate need to be able to show results for their efforts.
And those who preach violence must be proven wrong. All of our regional
challenges — confronting the threat posed by Iran, combating violent
extremism, promoting democracy and economic opportunity – become harder
if rejectionists grow in power and influence.

a two state solution would allow Israel’s contributions to the world,
and to our greater humanity, to get the recognition they deserve; would
allow the Palestinians to realize their own legitimate aspirations; and
would undermine the appeal of extremism across the region.

we must recognize that the ever-evolving technology of war is making it
harder to guarantee Israel’s security. For six decades, Israelis have
guarded their borders vigilantly. But advances in rocket technology
mean that Israeli families are now at risk far from those borders.
Despite efforts at containment, rockets with better guidance systems,
longer range, and more destructive power are spreading across the
region. Hizbollah has amassed tens of thousands of rockets on Israel’s
northern border. Hamas has a substantial number in Gaza. And even if
some of these are still crude, they all pose a serious danger, as we
saw last week."

الکی‌ ذوق نکن فردی فلینستون، انشا‌الله لیدی هیلاری چوبشو هم تو استینه شما صیهونیست‌ها میکنه هم تو آستین ملاها