Airtight sanctions on medicine


by Fred

To dispel detrimental sanctions on their IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, from time to time the usual suspects come out with the nonsense about sanctions denying medicine to the Iranian people.

In at least one occasion these attempts has backfired. American embassy in Germany has reacted to such reports. In a letter to the Persian Service of Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio, the Embassy in part states:

 Just as always, the American government is issuing licenses for the sale of medicine and medical supplies to Iran. Even in the current round of sanctions against Iran, there are no provisions on restricting the sale of medicine and medical supplies to Iran.

To further clarify the situation, Deutsche Welle has interviewed Dr. Ghasemmi, the chairman of Iranian kidney transplantation society.

Apparently rather than sanctions having anything to do with it, the problem stems from greedy “multinational pharmaceutical companies”.

But during the interview the caring Doctor makes a revealing appeal. He asks the radio station to see if it could arrange for the donation of discarded German kidney dialysis machines to Iran. He says kidney machines are routinely replaced every three to five years in Germany but in Iran they use such donated machines for up to fifteen years.

To emphasis the need for the donation he goes further and says nationwide his society has one hundred and forty chapters and nearly fifteen clinics.

Iran is not a poor country; it certainly can afford to buy few hundred badly needed brand new kidney dialysis machines every three to five years. There should be no need to subject the proud Iranians to looking for handouts of discarded machines. 

Aren’t the Islamist Rapists who spent lavishly on their ruinous weaponized nuke program and its supporters accountable for this travesty?

Aren’t they effectively sanctioning medicine and medical supplies to the Iranian people?

There was a time when Rafsanjani’s gang had the monopoly on the importation of such supplies; medicine is in whose turf nowadays?




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Rabid Islamist 2

by Fred on

Rabid Islamist the burden of proof is on the one who makes the assertion. In a civilized world, unlike your Islamist Rapist Republic, sane people back up their statements with verifiable facts.

What “five” companies?

Who owns these “companies”, your Islamist Rapist brethrens?

Where are the independent and verifiable reports of the drug shortage due to sanctions?

Where and when exactly importation of drugs was refused due to sanctions?

To back up your Islamist nonsense, start with providing these basic information.

And after that you might want to answer the questions posed in the blog.


Hayef az oon noon . . .

by Javadagha on

Hayef az oon noon k to meekhori Fred.

You mentioned there was NO "medicine" sanctions.  You lied AGAIN.

I gave you five cases.  Call the companies and find out for yourself.


The rabid Islamist

by Fred on

The rabid Islamist would do good to cite credible and verifiable sources for his hodgepodge of assertions.

Since there are NO sanctions on medicine and food, if there are any shortages it has to do with the rabid Islamist’s thieving Islamist Rapist brethrens.


Hayef az oon noon . . .

by Javadagha on

Fred AIPAC-zadeh:  

I wish I had your time, hayef az noon-e moft k mekhori.  Here is a sample:


Daropakhsh Company cannot get 11 raw items due to sanctions

 In Iran, nuclear issue is also a medical one    By Thomas Erdbrink and William BraniginWashington Post Foreign Service , Sunday, December 20, 2009; A20   Life-saving isotopes running out in IranPublished: 4 January 2010       Trade sanctions imposed on Iran are affecting treatment of the country’s ill. Some 850,000 patients are at risk because the country is running out of medical isotopes.  

Two doctors in Iran confirming:

WARFARIN SODIUM 5 mg with No 1 and with another one by ONCOLOGY Drugs cannot be purchased.  ZYDUS Pharmaceutical and TEVA Pharmaceutical are not selling these items to Iran.


kidney sales should be ILLEGAL

by shaw on

The key message of this editorial is on point. Iran is, or these days one should say "should be" a wealthy nation.  That is if it weren't for private interests milking the national revenue for their own pockets while others suffer with less.

My contention is that the writing could have been improved. But the quality of the message comes through: it's about Iranians trying to make due in Iran.

However, let's not also miss the underlying point: Why does the Islamic Rape-public even have such kidney donation rackets running in the first place?

These "clinics" would be outlawed in any civilized country... encouraging your most desparate citizens to SELL THEIR HEALTH? It's the last thing they have, and to make a racket where they make a few thousand off of the God given blessing they have going for them is a true sign of an evil leadership.