Another sexual scandal at VOA


by Fred

The Iran based Persian language “News Monitoring Web Site” Jam News reports:

“In a July 22, 2011 report, the American website Dallas News, citing the mother of “N.M.” one of the network anchors at the VOA, revealed that, as the price for job advancement, Jaxxxxx Chxxxxx [the full name is used in the "report"], an influential presenter at the network, forces female employees including “N.M.” to have sexual relationship with him.”

This report could very well be true. It certainly would not be the first time that an Iran residing family member is compelled by the Islamists to speak ill of her loved one(s).

However, the strange thing is the search engine in the “American site Dallas News” comes up with no such report. Whereas without attribution to the Dallas Morning News, and citing an Iran based Islamist website, the English Language Islamist propaganda television, the “Press TV” does have such report, dated July the 6th, on its website.

As evidenced by recent rebuke it got from the UK media regulator for broadcasting a recanted forced confession of an Iranian, Press TV is a known amoral, unethical multimillion dollar English language yellow journalism standard bearer propaganda outlet for the Islamists.  

It is therefore no wonder that its Persian language Islamist colleagues would prefer to come up with, as it seems, a fabricated American source for a Press TV Islamist mudslinging.  


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O Canada...

by پندارنیک on

Now we know better.................let me put one here.....! and one





  the sexual harrasment

by Saead Soltanpour on


the sexual harrasment and sexual abuse is a code of conduct in democratic country , this incidents happenig in any work place in the world

in  a democractic county the victm can sek the police help and Judiciary mostly is toguh on these kind of crimial activites no matter you are jews, mulsim , christian and so on

the incident is not a good  tool to bash Muslims /Islamist.

we have to see the court verdit for the alleged person , if he is convicted , then the compusion f the person  from VOA is a must .

we should rush to get the conclusion since ithere are  ethcal issues. 

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