Arabian Gulf & local punks

by Fred

When it comes to viciously attacking and dressing down Iranians, no one does it better than Iranians and all subjects are fair game.

However, there is one issue that those who know Iranians well, know it is not to be messed with.

Because of historical experience, Iranian territorial integrity is an untouchable subject.

Whether it is the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Islands of Greater & Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa, reduction of Iran’s 50% share in the Caspian Sea or any other such nonsense; it will only trigger an angry reaction from a united Iranians, nothing unites Iranians like this subject, nothing.

Observing the military weakness, the full throttle drive to become nuke power and the high level of hatred Iranians have for their Islamist tyrants, some are making a lot of noise about Iranian territories. These noises are music to the ears of Mullahs in Iran who are in deep trouble with the Iranian people.

To all those noise makers, the Islamists' reign is not permanent, Iran and iranians are, now, you've got to ask yourself one question:

Do I feel lucky?

Well, do ya, punk? *


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kudo's fred

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

good blog


Yada Yada of Punks Bloggers

by Demo on



Well, do ya, punk? *

* as 'Dirty Harry'

The usual yada yada of the phony Iran lovers, dancing as always around the Gulf's name, without saying a word; zilch, na da, about both the illegal & the threatening Dirty Harry's naval bullies circling the Gulf 24/7! And as the same 'Kiss US Ass' punk called on his/her blog yesterday: "Let's All Kiss US' Ass" (i.e. "Kudos to US!")

Shame on all 'dirty' traitors, punks or otherwise!

Iran 2050

Easy on the military war

by Iran 2050 on

Easy on the military war mongering rhetoric there Fred!

The name Persian Gulf is the correct name for it, not because “Persians are the greatest race on the planet!!” nor because “Iran is the center of universe!!” as you ultra nationalists think but because it’s the historical name for it, but that doesn’t mean if someone wants to call it something else we should become violent and wanting to cut their head off! That’s savagery, that’s not “neighborly”, that’s not 21st century behavior.

Easy on this ultra nationalist mentality. Hasn’t this mentality done enough damage already?

Love for one’s country is very different than ultra nationalist, Nazi-type, bigot and racist behavior.

Big difference.


Arabs and Israelis, too much talking so little acting

by مآمور on

these cosines are good talkers!! they tell us how gloomy and nasty the life can get for us in Iran, if we dont leave our iranian identities and pick up either Semitic identities(Esmail&Eshagah)!!

how many times we heard the wrath of Zionism is well on its way to destroy our peacful program?? how many times? how many years??

bark and bark and bark...

how many times Fred's cosines warned us of islands in the Persian gulf? how much money they gave to Saddam? how many times?? how many years??

bark bark bark....

To answer your question! yes I do feel lucky to have two strongest armies in ME protecting my country

The iranian armed forces & IRGC

who can beat this?

I wear an Omega watch


Anything that belongs

by alimostofi on

Anything that belongs to.pre-Islamic Iranian culture unites us starting with Knowrooz.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi