Arabs doing diddly-squat

by Fred

The 22 member Arab League has just concluded a session where it got nowhere with “The Arab proposal to Syria” to stop massacring unarmed Syrians, the total number of whom has surpassed the 3000 marker including over 200 children, for God’s sake, over 200 children.

The Islamists ruling over the enslaved Iranians are supporting the Alawite-Ba’athists in Syria with money, arms, specialists from the Qods Force and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

It took the Western powers to rescue/liberate the hapless Libyans from a certain gruesome death at the hands of Qaddafi who called his own people “rats.”

The brave Syrian people are asking for a no-fly zone.

Besides diddly-squat and offering of a “proposal”, what are the Arabs of the Arab League doing for the beleaguered Syrian People?


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