Arabs + Israel v. IRR

by Fred

Although there are many more U.S. diplomatic documents to be leaked by the Wikileaks, those which have been, contain nothing which was not known.

The only difference now is that those who constantly make the bogus argument that the whole Middle East mess is due to the strategic competition for the regional hegemony between IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and the state of Israel, now have to work much harder to sell that nonsense.

Ever since its inception, IRR has been aiming to export its virulent brand of governance and through it dominate others. The Arab states, particularly the littoral Persian Gulf states, through their proxies in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have been at a state of undeclared war with IRR for many years.

Now that Islamist Rapists’ illegal weaponized nuke program is nearing the stop it now or live with it stage, the anxiety of the Arabs is perfectly understandable.

However, there is still precious little time to avoid taking the ultimate drastic measure, war. Air- tightening the sanctions, particularly the export of oil and simultaneously helping the fed up Iranian people with material help to overthrow the weaponized nuke acquiring, war mongering Islamist Rapists, “reformist” and all, is the last chance to avoid the calamity in the making.

Islamist show president is expected to hold a press conference on the subject, do not hold your breath to hear him speak of the dire situation IRR's  32 years of reckless policies have placed Iran and Iranians in.


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Artificial Intelligence

I love it Fred

by Artificial Intelligence on

I just love how you drive these leftist jew hating anti zionists crazy. Bad few days for IRI worshipers and apologist. Damage control discussions in NIAC boardrooms. Blame Blame Israel. No one is listening. No one of importance is buying it.

Great blog. 



Yawn.... (ACTUAL poll of Arab public opinion -- 2010)

by Q on

Arabs + Israel v. IRR

Yes, that is the propaganda objective of Israel in light of hte wikileak revelations. However, it fools no one but the biggest idiots which the propagandists continously take us for.


They really need to take a look at actual evidence before BS'ing their behinds off.

countries posing biggest threats according to poll:

88% : Israel

78%: USA


Iran is 10%, down from 13% in 2009, and now tied with Algeria.

read page 62:


What's your excuse now, FredCo? IRI tampered with the results?


Freddie, we are one step closer to depositing

by mahmoudg on

the worthless Islamic Rapist Cultist apologists in Iran, on this site and elsewhere into permanent garbage can of history.  The leader Ali cholagh is dying, no one wants his son, no one wants the thief Raf.  Upon his death, Iran will go through a positive transformation and when the West decides to hasten it by surgical attacks to remove the last bastion of the regime loyalist, then we have attained our objective.


are you the new Mossad cheif Fredo?


Is it okay if I call you Tamir? Heh.




lots of hotair, not enough sanity


communist China is more honest about Iran than the "sane world"


Wikileaks: Iran's nuclear technology 'not as advanced as some believe'


China does not believe Iran has advanced nuclear technology or that
it is close to making a nuclear weapon, according to diplomatic cables
leaked by the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks.

Chinese government officials played down Iran's nuclear threat and urged the United States to engage with the rogue state.
In one cable from the US Embassy in Beijing, sent on October 22, 2009, Ni Ruchi, the deputy director of the Iran division at the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs is quoted dismissing US fears.
"Ni stressed, too, that Iran's nuclear technology was not as advanced 'as some might believe'," the cable recorded. Mr Ni also said that Iran's "overall level of industrial development" was too backward to have created a nuclear weapon.
"He noted that of the 5,000 centrifuges in Iran, less [sic] than half were actually in operation," the cable said.
In all the despatches released on Monday on Wikileaks, Beijing is shown to be playing a mollifying role towards Iran, urging the US towards direct discussions with the Islamic state, even when the situation appears fruitless publicly.
Li Guofu, the director of the Centre for Middle East Studies at the China Institute for International Studies in Beijing, told American diplomats that senior Chinese officials had told him they would do everything possible "to assist communication".
China has staunchly supported Iran, on which it relies for a sizeable portion of its energy needs, but Mr Li disclosed that Tehran still does not fully trust Beijing.
"'Iran trusts nobody'," he told US diplomats. "The Iranian leadership believed that when pushed to make a choice, China would side with the United States over Iran."
The Wikileaks documents also disclosed that the US had requested help from China to prevent Russian-made gyroscopes from reaching Iran through China. In one case, from this February, a Chinese company called Hong Kong 4 Star Electronics was discovered to be about to ship gyroscopes that "potentially could be diverted to missile-related end users".
It is not clear whether Beijing responded favourably to the request for an export ban on the items.

Sargord Pirouz

Huh? Whoever said those Arab

by Sargord Pirouz on

Huh? Whoever said those Arab dictatorships weren't willing partners to US/Israeli hegemony? (They're dependent on it) In fact, in one of the leaked cables, a diplomatic official from Turkey admits these Arab leaders are perceived in the region as "puppets" of the Americans.

Now this writer at "Fred" is trying to assert otherwise? Laughable.

What's interesting is that in private, the Israelis are arguing against Iran attaining a Japan option, not actual weaponization (something constantly asserted by these "Fred" folks). Also interesting was SecDef Gates' private admission that the arms trade between Iran and Afghanistan reaching the Taliban was negligible (again, something constantly asserted by the "Fred" folks).

The real bombshells may be upcoming, regarding leaked cables related to Cast Lead and the settlement issue. You Israelis bracing for it?