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After Syrian government forces attacked the town of Houla in Homs province, UN observers counted at least 90 bodies including 32 children under the age of 10; the opposition says the number is closer to 100.

It is being referred to by some news outlasts including the BBC as the “Houla child massacre.”

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said:

“Our urgent priority is to establish a full account of this appalling crime and to move swiftly to ensure that those responsible are identified and held to account.”

Hague’s statement is as asinine as they come. In the past 15 months, there has not been a day, a single day when unarmed Syrian men, women and children, particularly children, have not been murdered in cold blood by Syrian Battists who are armed, bankrolled and assisted by the Qods Special Forces of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and its terrorist houseboy Hezbullah.

Back in May, United Nations' human rights chief, Navi Pillay, told BBC:

"They've gone for the children - for whatever purposes - in large numbers. Hundreds detained and tortured... it's just horrendous.”

By March of this year over 500 murdered children were buried, who knows what the count is now.

The culprits are known, they are the Syrian and IRR regimes. Stop this madness, as the Syrian people keep asking for; declare no fly and safe zones.

Syrians are human being too, Kofi Annan’s plan to make peace with the cutthroat Battists won’t work, do something, anything.


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That is the loveliest word to the blogger's ilk, Israelis use them all the time to murder their opponents. Savagely Brutal. :)



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I love that word, must use it more often. Brilliant.  :)