Be forceful with women!


by Fred

That IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is in a real jam over its illegal weaponized nuke and whole lot of other nasty stuff it has been getting away with for the past thirty one years is an open secret.  No one in their right mind buys its “indigenous democracy” nonsense or what its lobbies push as having “pragmatic foreign policy” anymore. In a word, the jig is up.

Aside parading suped-up dinghies to scare off aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf what are the Islamist Rapists planning to do with their real enemy, the Iranian people?

Well, true to form they have announced yet another crackdown, this time a “forceful” one on “the social ills” which in the Islamist Rapist parlance only means one thing, ramping up the oppression of Iranians particularly the women who are always at the core of all ills including opposition to IRR rule and natural disasters like earthquakes.  

In meeting with Police Chiefs and the Interior Minister the Head Rapist Khamenei is quoted as instructing the Islamist Rapist louts to:

“Response to individual, societal and political wayward criminal behavior has to be resolute.  Those individuals who intentionally or unknowingly derail the decency and religious image of the society have to be confronted forcefully and appropriately.”

 The nonsensical content of the Head Rapist’s order speaks volumes about their desperation. To save their own hyde desperate criminals, especially mass murders in the Islamist Rapists’ league, are prone to committing unfathomable crimes.

IRR is an old hand at it, when Mousavi the current purported “opposition leader” was their Prime Minister and the current Head Rapist Khamenei the President; they murdered thousands of Iranian prisoners in a matter of few days, it is no hearsay, all well documented.   

Time to head them off before they impose a catastrophe on Iran and the ME is at hand, regime change by Iranian people assisted by the sane world as official policy NOW.   




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Sane World

by capt_ayhab on


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It's not a weaponized program. Stop lying. Iran hasn't brokenlaw

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You love to dish this BS line on a daily basis, "weaponized nukes" and it's false. If Iran is liable for "nukes" then Israel is definitely liable too. No NPT signatory, NO IAEA inspectations - but suddenly Iran matters? Iran has never invaded any other country. The regime suppresses its own people, but this is not a reason to invade or sanction a nation. That's what we call bullshit. 

They should also send back our welfare checks, especially since our country USA is bankrupt. Of course, that'll never happen. Israel doesn't have to follow laws! Who heard of such a silly thing. "Law" is just a word for third worldies to get in trouble when the right interests decide it's time to enforce. Hahaha.

Even IFFFFFF Iran wanted a nuke, it has the right to it. Its neighbors have it, and one of the neighbors even has Al Qaeda vying for power in the country. Hahahahahaha! Fred you're a joke. Your blogs are a complete joke.  


Silly Fred. Silly silly Fred. 


Clueless cabal

by Fred on


Always good to see Britain based posh lovelies backing up their stateside likeminded. Keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job.  


To 'Fred' with respect.

by Raoul1955 on

I am not being condescending or such, but have you considered having a better sex life?  Whether you are male or female having a good sex life is a very liberating and calming experience.   It also directs one’s energy towards wonderful sexual experiences rather than anger.

Sargord Pirouz

More "Ted Kaczynski" type

by Sargord Pirouz on

More "Ted Kaczynski" type stuff from Fred. 

"IRR", "Sane World", "IRR", "Sane World", it's always the same. 

Sorry Fred, but these aren't "Musings", they're actually "Ramblings." And just like Ted Kaczynski, you only serve to make the focus of your many ramblings appear sane. 

Take a break from the insanity, man. Write one post without the "IRR", "Sane World" nonsense, just so we'll know you're not totally off your rocker.