Bearing witness, again

by Fred

All the while the ultimate IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic insiders turned purported opposition leaders advocate salvation through reformation, victims of their thirty year folly are strewn all over Iran.  

The “trial” of seven hapless Iranians who are the chosen sacrificial lams has begun.

That the Islamist Rapists intend to quell the most serious challenge to their murderous rule through the only way they know, which is raping, torturing and murdering their way out of it should not be doubted.

As the prospect for the continuation of their ruinous Islamist rule gets bleaker the possibility of IRR lashing out final solution wise by no means should be dismissed out of hand. Barring the historical Alzheimer’s sufferers, the interested can quite easily hear Islamist Rapists publically talked about it as the only solution.  

The sane world lead by the beacon of democracy has announced it is “bearing witness” to what is being done to Iranians.

As it did in the mass murdering of 1988, the piecemeal nature of Islamists’ solution can pick up speed at any moment and just like before in secret, what good would “bearing witness” do after Islamists’ much talked about solution is yet again implemented?  Time is of the essence!






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