Bearing witness


by Fred

Few hours before his own arrest, Ali Reza Beheshti, gave a revealing interview to the Persian service of the Radio France International.

Beheshti is widely recognized as the right-hand man of Mousavi, one of the leaders of the “Green Movement”, and the chief editor of his now banned newspaper, Kalameh Sabz. Additionally, Beheshti was the personal representative of Mousavi on the committee to investigate the status of those arrested and injured post election violence.

 The interview was conducted after IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, Judiciary agents had raided the Committee’s offices, confiscating its documents and computers and sealing the offices shut.  Beheshti, the son of late Ayatollah Beheshti, aka, Rasputin, the first head of the post revolutionary Judiciary, spoke of the unwillingness on the part of IRR to investigate the crimes committed by its officials and a concerted effort to expunge any evidence of it. 

He talked about the Committee having been trusted by the victims had become a repository and go to place to lodge complaints. Among the documents seized by the IRR judiciary officials are forms filled out by the victims, relatives of disappeared and imprisoned which included the description and extent of injuries suffered and details of medical treatment.Now the officials of the IRR have the master list of all those brave victims and their families who stepped forward and it is not too farfetched to think of the worst. 

The Islamist Rapist Republic is on a roll and eliminating opponents and witnesses to its crimes are a well practiced M.O.  I don’t know what can be done for the victims who are in the process of being victimized yet again except bearing witness and reminding all IRR officials from the Head Rapist Khamenei to the lowliest Islamist that what they do will have severe legal consequences and is well within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.



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