Been to Iran

by Fred

In almost any hot political exchange going nowhere the question would invariably be asked, at times sarcastically, in other times accusatorily, but it will be asked nonetheless-when was the last time you were in Iran?

After labeling any detractor of their regime who dares to raise her/his voice as a non-Iranian does not pan out, the lovely pro-IRR, Islamist Rapist Republic folks including Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies use the question as their trump card. When was the last time you were in Iran?

The question is meant to denote the detractor is out of touch with facts on the ground and “things are not as bad as biased foreign media make it out to be”. It doesn’t even matter how many IRR provided statistic indicative of the horrendous state of affair is rattled off, the question remains,  When was the last time you were in Iran?

Well lovelies and other concerned ones, believe it or not there are those, actually one could dare to say overwhelming majority in diaspora, who have never left Iran.  


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by Fred on

Your points are well understood. I have developed immunity to attacks to the level that more than anything else they’ve become an energizing factor.

In this blog entry a common tactic by the lovelies was recounted for posterity.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

There are people who go to Iran and come back with good observations about Iran.  There are people who go to Iran and only see what they want to see, coming back to report inaccurate conclusions.  There are people who don't/can't go back to Iran but will lie and say that they visit routinely, just to make a silly and dishonorable statement in a debate.  There are people who don't need to go to Iran to know about Iran.  Those are people who follow the news of Iran, read blogs of Iranians inside Iran, and over time develop the skill to read between the lines of what they read.  Now, between the lines is where what is happening in Iran can be read and understood.  News about Iran is seldom transmitted accurately and thoroughly on AP or Reuters, but in what people inside Iran are writing in Persian.  You don't have to live inside Iran or go to a three-week "family-visit-filled" vacation in Iran to be able to read and learn about Iran.

You must not let this particular line of attack get to you.  If you follow the news and events in Iran closely and attentively, you are closer to Iran than many can know.



by ahmad_ on

If I am not wrong, I remember in a comment you wrote a couple of months ago you mentioned that you left Iran before the revolution.

In this comment here you refer to your Aunt saying that she "came

back" to Iran putting you in a postion of being in Iran.

How can that be possible?

If your Aunt went to Iran for a visit then you say; she went for a visit. I don't think you have any problem with english language to make such a gross mistake.

Artificial Intelligence

Great Post Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Beran Gomshan! We know who the true patriots are and we know who are the real vatan foroosh amongst us.


massoudA & Kofri

by Fred on

massoudA, rest assured lovelies’ comments are energizing and their absence supercharging, as long as I got something to say, I will.


Kofri, thanks for explaining for others the diaspora point which those with Iran & Iranians on their mind would need no explanation instantly get it.


Fred joN

by Kofri on

another latest is "have you voted in June?" ingar erse babashoone!! I say no, neither in March 79!!!

Sargord, how is it possible????????????? simple. We left Iran but Iran never left us! 



by masoudA on

1- Best posts are those which do not get any responses at all.   Just keep making your points and don't pay no attention to clowns and trolls.    I for one read all your posts. 

2- I do ask the question - mostly to detect those who have never been to Iran (at least in the heart).   As you may know we have many IRI supporters here who have not been to Iran for 30 years.... 


damn it sargord

by iran_zameen on

Fred was on a streak of non-commented articles and you fell for his trap.

if indeed you know military strategy you shouldn't have given in to your instincts so quickly

Sargord Pirouz

I'm sorry, Fred, I don't

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm sorry, Fred, I don't follow you here. How is it possible for a member of a diaspora to have never left Iran?

This actually reminds me of a favorite aunt of mine. I love her dearly. She is undeniably an exile, having left in '79. About a year and a half ago, she came back for the first time in all those years. She fully expected to be hassled and to hate her entire experience.

Know what? She wasn't hassled in the least, and she thoroughly enjoyed her stay. It all came as a big surprise to her. Even though the experience didn't change her politically, it did change her social outlook. Which is a good thing, Fred.