The beloveds of Iranian nation


by Fred

It appears two of the leaders of the losing side in the power struggle in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, have been arrested and are now being kept at the Heshmatieh barracks adjacent to the Ministry of defense complex in Tehran.

This development is the latest ratcheting up of internecine fight among the Islamist Rapists vying for the power to rule over Iran and Iranians.

The interesting aspect of this whole drama is that at one point when millions of Iranians braved the innate Islamist Rapists’ savagery, came out peacefully demonstrating, the now imprisoned losing side leaders had the opportunity to ally their selves with what people wanted and lead them to victory.

Alas, they stuck to their Islamist Rapist ideology, demanding “abiding by the constitution” and setting their goal as returning to the “golden era of the Imam”, meaning the mass murderer Khomeini.

Now they have lost the backing of millions who were ready to implement meaningful change, and are unfortunately at the mercy of their former Islamist Rapist comrades.

Although one of the Islamist “reformers” who has taken refuge in the U.S. refers to the two imprisoned leaders, Mousavi and Karoubi, as “the beloveds of the Iranian nation”, events on the ground and the lack of popular support, begs to differ with his assessment and description.

The winning Islamist Rapists must immidietelyset these two Islamists along with their wives and thousands of other political prisoners they are holding in their prison archipelagos free.

The ruling Islamist Rapists should know, the time to answer for all these crimes is not that far off.




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