Bibi on Iranians

by Fred

Yesterday, at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister of Israel, the lone Middle Eastern democracy, strategic and historic ally of Iran and Iranians, which has repeatedly been threatened with annihilation by the Iran occupying Islamist Rapists Republic (IRR), in part said:

“The most urgent challenge facing this body is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Will the international community confront a despotism that terrorizes its own people as they bravely stand up for freedom?

Will it take action against the dictators who stole an election in broad daylight and gunned down Iranian protesters who died in the streets choking in their own blood?

Will the international community thwart the world's most pernicious sponsors and practitioners of terrorism?

Above all, will the international community stop the terrorist regime of Iran from developing atomic weapons, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world?”

The weaponized nuke acquiring, Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering messianic Islamist Rapists with announced mission to “manage the world”, are hard at work to impose a devastating war on the region and well beyond.

Before IRR succeeds, imposition of airtight sanctions in conjunction with helping the Iranian people to overthrow their Islamist tyrants, “reformist” and all, has to be the publicly announced policy of the sane world led by the U.S.


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Stop Lying !

by HHH on

  Mr. Israeli-Freddy, STOP LYING! 1. Israel has never been a democracy. Israel is a racist, apartheid Zionist, occupation regime. It does not allow equal rights to Arabs or a chance of getting elected in major positions 2. Iran has never "threatened annihilation of Israel" that's a lie. IRI is against the Zionist leadership and occupation of Palestinian lands. 3. While Iran voluntarily left open all doors to IAEA inspectors to inspect our nuclear sites Israel has avoided signing Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty & keeps hiding its arsenal of nuclear weapons. 4. Benji is not the right person to talk about treatment of Iranians while his own regime dropped Phosphorus bombs on the children of Gaza and burned 400 to death. 5. While Iran has never attacked any country Israel has never stopped attacking it's neighbors & arab palestinians. I hope the sane world gets rid of it's insane agents!

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I deal with each bloody politicians and / or countries you mentioned  one at the time ....

This guy can not wait to bomb the hell out of my country. How do you expect me to buy his speech concerning Iranians?

NO WAY ... 

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Simorge

by Soosan Khanoom on

Haven't we discussed that hundred times before ? Why do you keep asking? you know my position. No other bloody politicians from the places that you mentioned has ever got 29 standing ovations at the congress and certainly none of them has ever dared to give a U.S president the finger !! 

I am not offending you by bringing up this Yaboo ? AM I ?  I know you are at the same page with me, No one can stand BiBI. Not even most of the ones who are living inside Israel.

After this latest U.N scenario. It appears he can't shake his finger and make the Palestinians play dead anymore. That must be awful disappointing for King Bibi, particularly, at a time when purchased "respect" is an all time high in that house of prostitution known as the US Congress .....




اعلام دولت فلسطین دردش بیشتره یا سوزشش؟ حالا برو کنار دیوار گریه کن. 


بی بی ایرانیه


آلبالو جان این حرف شما دو معنی داره.  یا ما باید خوشحال باشیم که ایرانیها هر جا که هستند موفق اند و باعث سرفرازی ایران یا اینکه ایرانیها آدم نیستند.  بالاخره کدومش؟



آخه بی بی هم شد آدم


آخه بی بی هم شد آدم. آدم قحطی مگه. درضمن می دانید بی بی جد و آباد ایرانی

هست؟ مثل بیشترسیاستمداران اسرئیلی. 


"We do not need this hypocrite's crocodile tears ..."

by Simorgh5555 on

Now, now, now Susan Khanom play fair. If you condemn Israel you must condemn Turkey. If Prime Minister Erdogan were to make a statement in support of Iranian Green movement would you remind him of the Armenian genocide? At least Israel have the Palestinians semi autonomy. Before the creation of Israel and the British Mandate the Palestinians were ruled by the Turkish Ottomans and Jordanians who did not give the Palestinians any right of self determination.

Are you living in California? Do you know that you could be living on stolen land from the Mexicans and the native inhabitants.

Play fair, Sosan Khanom. Remember that when you point your accusatory finger at someone a hundred other fingers point back at you.

I would welcome your comments on Russian aggression of Iran, Afghanistam Chechny and supporting the Slav ethnic cleansing campaign of Bosnian Muslims.

Furthrmore, why have you never ever discussed Sudan where the whole thousands of MUSLIM Africans have been uprooted from their homes, murdered, raped and taken into slavery.

Fair is fair, Sosan Khanom.  


The clueless triumverate

by Fred on

The usual cadre of  Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies are present and counted.

When it comes to what is good for Iran and Iranians vs. venting innate hatreds, they’re true to form, as clueless as ever and never cease to put their hatreds above all else.


I appreciate if Bibi stops killing Iranian scientists

by Disenchanted on


         specially in front of their children's schools.

         appreciate it!

         Truely yours,

         Khar khodeti




Lowered expectations!

by Arj on

If a racist entity like Israel whose existence is based upon religious discrimination is considered a "democracy," and a thug like BB Netenyahu is considered a "democratic leader," no wonder why ME is in such a mess!


There is should be a like option here

by Tabarzin on

Like on facebook.

Thanks Lily khanum :)



Tiger Re: solidarity with the anti- mainstream media

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I am free and my word is
Don't forget the price of bread
And don't forget the cause
of our misery
And don't forget who betrayed us in our time of

Deep. Good. True.

MSM not only betrayed us at the begining, they've been doing it in the middle and may likely continue until the end.

Soosan Khanoom

Thanks Lili

by Soosan Khanoom on

Thanks Lili

Beautiful .... 


Tiger Lily, Republican Jihadis have a problem with me : (

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Light is a Good Thing, More Light ahuh!

Tiger Lily

in solidarity with the anti- mainstream media unheard

by Tiger Lily on

unheard voices


CITIZENS, todo cerrados for peaceful existence


I so often wonder what happened to that girl...

am those who are free and never fear
I am the secrets that will
never die
I am the voice of those who would not give in
I am
the meaning amid the chaos

I am the right of the
That is sold by these dogs (people who are dogs)
rob the people of their daily bread
And slam the door in the face
of ideas

I am those who are free and never fear
I am the
secrets that will never die
I am the voice those who would not
give in
I am free and my word is free
I am free and my word is
Don't forget the price of bread
And don't forget the cause
of our misery
And don't forget who betrayed us in our time of

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Ala, You don't understand why issues are mixed up?

by Artificial Intelligence on

Are you Kidding?  The only person who conviniently mixed up issues here is you and your type.... This article by Fred dealt with IRI Nukes. The article you posted here(and on another blog) had nothing to do with IRI nukes. Are you still mixed up? 

Your blog about Ravazadeh is an attempt to white wash his lunatic views which reveals your real political agenda here---In it you state how you contacted your family and friends and communicated concerns about his views re how Pizza was an Islamic invention and King Cyrus was a Zionist creation.... As if otherwise Ravazadeh is someone to be respected for his medical authority

Soosan Khanoom

BiBi Yaboo should save himself

by Soosan Khanoom on

BiBi Yaboo should worry about himse;f rather than Iranian demonstrators and opposition .. We do not need this hypocrite's crocodile tears ...

Palestine Spring, Bibi’s Winter Of Discontent

Bibi is using his tried and true method of advancing Israel’s interests on the world stage: bribery. Just as he bribed Romania and Bulgaria to vote No on statehood by offering 1,000 Israeli work permits to each, he’s offer “foreign and military aid” to Portugal, Nigeria, and Gabon to secure their No votes. There’s nothing like a country that argues its case solely based on merit, is there?

Bibi’s speech (full text) was full of his usual sour-dourness. Imagine he flies all the way to New York to address the General Assembly and all he can muster is dark imprecations about the UN being a “place of darkness” for Israel and ” a theater of the absurd.” Of course, he’s referring largely to the Zionism is Racism resolution which harkens back to the dark ages of the 1970s. No one appears to have told Bibi that times have changed and that in today’s world Israel is rightly condemned not for Zionism, but for killing civilians and other acts which many consider violations of international law.




Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on


"The answer is a surprise for many non-intellectuals. 


LOL, your blogs and posts are the only ones which have any form of substance as valid arguments for a monarchy on IC and you're funny.;)

P.S. Seconding Rea's post 100%. 


To Find out why Israel and Iran are so despotic today

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


The answer is a surprise for many non-intellectuals.

Mohammad Ala

I do not understand why issues are mixed up.

by Mohammad Ala on

My blog about Dr. Ravazadeh includes my disagreement with his lunatic views, however, the emphasize was on his medical experience.  How many times do I need to say this?

I do not understand why issues are mixed up.  I posted a link with a picture for others to read.  If you did not like the article,  you did not read it carefully. 


It has always bothered me

by Rea on

People not distinguishing btwn nuclear Iran and human rights Iran. Two different issues.

Anyway, IRI is a lot of retorics, no substance. And Bibi is the last person to talk nuclear.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree that whomever spends the money dictates policy. It is legal and I am very sorry it is. In my opinion spending money on politicians is bribery. Should be illegal. But I don't think Bibi's influence is just money. It is because Republicans hate Obama to an irrational degree. It also is not really about Bibi being Jewish. It is more about him not being Obama. The Republicans will side will anyone "not Obama". Of course having a powerful lobby does not hurt the cause at all!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The inveitable NIAC

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

jab had to come. No matter what the topic someone has to take a shot at NIAC :-) Bibi has a very different position than NIAC. He is not running an organization with Iranian American members. Therefore he may say whatever he wants about IRI no repercussions. 

I have asked before and will ask again. Folks you want NIAC to influence IRI to do "this and that". But then you want it to be highly critical of them; have not contact. How is this possible. NIAC is either going to be involved with IRI and have a chance of influence. Or not be involved and have no chance of influence. Which one do you want it to do? It is really easy to criticize but doing something is not so. In 1979 we had everyone criticize the Shah. But after they got the chance all packed up and left. Now everyone {on IC} hates NIAC. But I don't see too many alternatives. Just once I would love to see a helpful alternative. 

One more thing:

Unions are NOT powerful. They once were but that was over 30 years ago. 

On the other hand NRA; and big companies are very powerful.


Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

The Anti Semite label is overused sometimes. I agree with you. In this case, however, it was very appropriate because the link the Professor posted had nothing to do with the subject matter of the blog.He is just throwing (he believes as such) bad/negative news about Israel and Jews... the inference was that Jews/AIPAC/Israel control America....

As for "it tells you who really runs America" claim. Its whoever spends the money. If you are also implying that jews run america, you are wrong.   Jews have a greater say in Middle East policy than Muslims, but that is because they spend a shit load of money to buy influence.  The NRA is also powerful and controls policy. The Unions are very powerful and control policies that are important to them. Same goes with corporations- Such as GE which does not pay corp. tax or the oils companies. Its all about lobbying, spending money and competition. These are items the Professor and many of the radical leftists/islamists on this site (like Proffessor Mammad) don't understand/don't like.... 

Lobbying is legal and part of the system here....Jewish groups lobby congress to pressure the PLO with fund transfers because of the UN fiasco; Obama can ask the beneficiary of such help- (Netanyahu/Israel) for help to take it easy on him in Congress. There is nothing inappropriate about it. I am sure you will disagree with me but that is how this country works. 




"Incredible is an understatement....."

by پندارنیک on

I'm still amused with our dear Fred's reaction and his way of reasoning in his response to M. Ala.................I really hope that our friends in Israel will soon enough wake up to the reality of  the American public opinion............only if they understood that the state of Israel is now considered a liability in the American political ledger......only if they understood the gravity of the situation and its historical bizarness there....

Oon Yaroo

"At least in public Israel...criticised the Islamic Republic's."

by Oon Yaroo on

That's why Bibi has more honesty, dignity, integrity, and b a l l s than NIAC and all of its supporters combined when it comes to telling the truth on the criminal IRR!



by Simorgh5555 on


 At least in public Israel is the only country which has robustly criticised the Islamic Republic's treatment of Iranian protesters unlike the lily livered half hearted chorus of disapproval stemming from Washington. 

I agree completely with Benjamin Netanhayu when he says, "Will it take action against the dictators who stole an election in broad daylight and gunned down Iranian protesters who died in the streets choking in their own blood?"

However, the kind of action he implies is targeting Iran's nuclear facilities. The constant emphasis on Iran's nuclear ambitions suggests a self-serving attitude that does not deal with the real reason Iran is being terrorised. The regime itself must be confronted and removed from power altogether. Even without a nuclear arsenal the Islamic Republic will continue to violently oppress the Iranian people and dare I say even imports its terror to overseas including Israel.

The nuclear issue is really a non-issue. Iranians quite rightly believe they have a right to develop nuclear power and for this to be the casus belli of any military action will only alienate Iranians and lead to countless of thousands, if not millions, of deaths on both side.

Having said that military action in the form of targeted assassinations and  the use of an Iranian ground force supported by an airforce can hopefully remove this terrible cancer blighting Iran.  

Death to the Islamic Republic and please support the right military action.  


Back to the topic of blog itself.

by samad42 on

يک کارشناس چينی در گفتگو با روزنامه اسرائيلی هاآرتص ادعا کرد که ايران به دنبال سلاح هسته ای است.

به گزارش سرويس بين الملل انتخاب Entekhab.IR، پروفسور يين جينگ مدعی شد: دولت چين تصور می کند که تهران به دنبال سلاح هسته است و ان را در تضاد با منافع پکن می داند اما چين هم نيازمند نفت است. اما نگرانی نخست چين ثبات در خاورميانه است.

وی ادعا کرد: ما می فهميم که ايران هدفش دستيابی به سلاح اتمی است و ما نگران اين قضيه هم هستيم.

پروسفسور يين جينگ مدعی شد: در حالی که ايران می گويد مقاصد صلح اميز هسته ای دارد ،اما دولت و سرويس اطلاعات چين معقتد است که ايران می خواهد سلاح اتمی بسازد.

اين کارشناس چينی به تازگی به دعوت "سيگنال"(سازمانی با هدف افزايش روابط اموزشی اسرائيل و چين) به اسرائيل سفر کرده است.

گنگ در مصاحبه با اين روزنامه ادعا می کند که وابسته به دولت و يا حزب کمونيست چين نيست.

وی گفت: ما مثل روسيه، قبول نکرده ايم که به امريکا و ديگر کشورهای غربی در مورد تحريم های سخت تر ايران ملحق شويم. اما ما به تحريم های ضعيف تر عليه ايران رای داديم.

اين پروفسور چينی ادعا کرد: چين از ايران نفت می خرد اما قبول نکرده است که برای ايران راکتور هسته ای بسازد يا تجهيزات آن را بفروشد.

يين جينگ مدعی شد: ما خواهان متوقف کردن ايران هستيم. براساس ارزيابی ما، ايران هنوز تصميم نهايی را نگرفته است. انها می خواهند به سلاح هسته ی دست يابند، اما هنوز تصميم نگرفته اند.

وی ادعا کرد: من اخيرا با سفير ايران در پکن ديدار کردم و به او گفتم که شما فرصت ساخت سلاح هسته ای را از دست داده ايد. اگر اکنون اقدام به ساخت آن کنيد، بايد با امريکا ،اسرائيل اعراب و غرب بجنگيد.من به او گفتم که شما بايد راه ژاپن را برويد.

وی گفت: سفير ايران تنها گوش داد و هيچ پاسخی نداد.

اين کارشناس چينی گفت: چين مخالف هرگونه اقدامی عليه ايران است که به ثبات منطقه لطمه بزند و جريان نفت را مختل سازد. اما اگر اسرائيل تصميم به حمله به ايران کمند، چين مانعش نمی شود!

وی گفت: به همين دليل هايی که گفتم، اسرائيل و خاورميانه به يک کشور مانند چين نياز دارند. اسرائيل به قدرت چين نياز دارد.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is very inappropriate for President of USA another leader to help pass a law in USA! I mean who is running what nation? Does Sarkozy ask Obama to help pass legislation in France? Comeon now man. 

The right think to do would be if he asked American people. Or a senator. Not a forign leaders. 

It is wrong.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dr. Ala

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It tells you who really runs America. Who is listened to and who matters. The one people who absolutely do not matter are the voters!

Regarding antisemite: that charge loses its meaning when overused. I know people did not mean me. I had not even posted until then. I have been called anything from Israeli agent to antisemite! The problem is that I never get paid. Why don't they pay me.