by Fred

In four days time IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic will celebrate its 31st birthday.

Here are my suggestions for what the celebrants should be most proud of:

1- Creating parallel Irans, one behind closed doors and the forced one in public

2- Instilling hypocrisy as a virtue

3- Encouraging deceit as a national art form

4- Adding copious amount of abhorrent Islamist savagery into the nation’s staple diet

5- Making Iran the Mecca of Anti-Semites, orphaned lefties, free loafers, parasites, terrorists and other likewise international luminaries

6- Having the knack to find the worst and promoting them to the highest positions

And for the icing on their birthday cake:

The Islamist Rapists and their supporters/accomplices should be really proud of holding, per capita-wise, the world record in brain drain, executions, especially of the children, road accident fatalities, drug addiction, jailing of reporters…

Last but not least, the cherry on top of their birthday cake of achievements should be their practice of raping Iranian men, women and children. Enjoy your slice of the Islamist birthday cake.


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by Fred on

Of course you are spot on, but were one to list all the likewise achievements of the Islamist Rapists, it would fill the pages of a book as thick as LA’s Yellow pages.

The frightening thing is only the tip of the iceberg is visible and the full picture of atrocities against humanity committed by the Islamists and their lefty collaborators will become known after their demise.


Fred, you missed a couple

by AMIR1973 on

7 - Creating an object of affection for present and former Leninists, post-USSR   8 -  Promoting Iran's economy to have a lower GDP per capita than Gabon, despite having the 3rd largest oil reserves and 2nd largest natural gas reserves in the world (give IRI another 31 years, and the good times will come--might I then suggest calling Iran the Gabon of the Gulf?)