Buying nuke time


by Fred

The details of the landmark meeting between the so called five plus one and representatives of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic, are sketchy.  There are tidbits of information pointing to arriving at some sort of stopgap measure to temporarily lessen the sane world’s apprehension with IRR’s full cycle illegal nuke program.

Apparently IRR has accepted to have some of its stockpile of low-grade enriched uranium be transferred to Russia for further enrichment and then converted to useful fuel  for Tehran nuclear research site by French technicians. In addition the IRR has promised to within the next two weeks allow the outgoing head of the IAEA and his inspection teams visit the newly revealed Qom nuke site. If all goes accordingly then there will be further meetings between the parties by the end of the current month.

Should the above hold true then President Obama’s impromptu White House news conference makes sense, specially the part that not many are zeroing in on.

“Iran must take concrete steps to build confidence that its nuclear program will serve peaceful purposes, steps that meet Iran's obligations under multiple U.N. Security Council resolution.”

The reference to Iran’s obligation under multiple UNSC resolution has been and still is the heart of the matter. The UNSC has ordered IRR to stop its illegal enrichment activities which the IRR and its lobbies classify as legal and an inalienable national right. Given all the above it seems the sane world just kick the can down the road a little bit hoping Islamist rapist would come to their senses, if that is their hope, then they must be as gullible as the IRR advertises them to be. Meanwhile those centrifuges are spinning.

The AP reports the following:

“Western officials at the session said the Islamic republic had also agreed to allow Russia to take some of its enriched uranium and enrich it to higher levels for its research reactor in Tehran, a potentially significant move that would show greater flexibility by both sides. 

U.S. President Barack Obama noted the deal in comments on the meeting. But Mehdi Saffare, Iran's ambassador to Britain, and a member of the Iranian delegation at the talks told The Associated Press the issue had "not been discussed yet." Asked if Iran had accepted, he replied: "No, no!"





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