Caught with her pants down


by Fred

Seventy years ago to the day, on December 7th 1941, America was caught with her pants down.

It took full mobilization of the country, uncounted number of lives and unimaginable treasure, to overcome a global struggle which began by what President Roosevelt termed as “a date which will live in infamy.”

Ten years ago, on September 11th 2001, America was yet again caught with her pants down. Fast forward to today; America is once again in midst of a worldwide struggle, which as of now, the " inevitable triumph" is not certain.

This time around the enemy is not fighting a conventional war, is not championing a nationalistic fervor, rather, in achieving its aim of world domination, it is hiding behind a religion.

America needs to take the virulent Islamist onslaught a whole lot more seriously as she does now.

The messianic Mullahs in Iran are after nuke, the moment they get it, other regional nutcases will follow suit, the whole ball game changes, and not for the better.

Just like nowadays, back in 1941, in the name of being anti-war, a lot of people were advising America to mind her own business, in hindsight, a populist nonsensical advice.


America, pull up your pants now and help Iranians overthrow the common enemy.   



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Re Hiroshima and Nagasaki

by Arj on

Dear Bahmani, are you actually taking pride in America's nuclear bombing of the civilian targets in Hirosima and Nagasaki?!


Yes, But America always wins in the end!

by bahmani on

As they say, it is not important who starts the fight, but who finishes it. While you are absolutely correct in the premise of America always being naive and realizing too late, the reality though is upon the realization, America regroups, recovers, and then comes back with a holy vengeance to "address the situation" with extreme prejudice.

While Japan caught the US with her pants down, the response was Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

While Bin Laden caught the US with her pants down on 9/11, the result was Abbott-abad. Where the US took his Jad-o-Abad.

When the US is attacked, or as you put it, has her pants down the certain response is almost always swift and decisive.

Iran got away with the 1979 Hostage crisis without a scrape, partially because Reagan merely bought the hostages back via Nicaragua.

The saddest thing though that has literally kept me up nights since 1979, and boils half of my blood, is that this is now what Iran is most famous for. Being a lowly, cowardly, hostage selling country. Whether diplomats, or hikers, Iran has proven this ugly new character over and over in it's truest colors.

The nuclear threat, is the latest attempt to take hostages and trade them for cash, or concessions that Iran is so obviously ready to talk about, as long as they start with guarantees of the regime's security.

Since the US and the world know that Iran is a hostage seller, there isn't really any fear at this time. Sure there is blustery talk. But no fear.

Every appropriate contingency has been taken into consideration, models and scenarios have been played out, and simulations have been run and run, the cost is already set, and even paid for.

If Iran makes the mistake everyone is waiting for, and as you correctly say, catches the US with her pants down, the response that the US always gives, and has always given afterwards will allow every one of us to suddenly be able to predict the future.

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The size of the pants!

by Arj on

America's main problem is that its pants don't fit anymore to pull up! It's worst problems are of rather economic nature. Back in WWII, the U.S. managed to emerge triumphant out of the crisis due to several factors that do not exist at present. Ones of military aside (for the main brunt of the WWII was born by the Soviets with over 20 million casualties), the economic engine (i.e. the manufacturing base) is not there to recover the economy under the auspecies of the military industrial complex! A new war right now will not solve America's economic problems due to the lack of said industrial manufacturing bases which have shifted to China, East Asia and other developing blocks by the multinational conglomerates -- even in terms of modern technology for the renewable energy means!



The Hidden Private Parts

by Tavana on

America has never ever been caught with her pants down. She rather has brought her pants down herself while pretending caught in surprise while, as for 911, her 'private parts' have never been exposed publicly.


GOD forbids for such help as 'Bomb Bomb Iran Baby' of her either with her pants up or down in action & may GOD also sends all traitors straight to hell with their 'private parts' burnt on fire for eternity!