Caught red-handed, again

by Fred

The general outline of  plot for the state-sponsored terrorist attacks on American soil has been announced by the top American law enforcement authorities, the specifics of the response is yet to be disclosed. The unsealed complaint here.

As it stands, the Qods Force, the overseas terrorist operation arm of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has been caught planning to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States in Washington.

Even though  the NIAC Lobby is on the record as opposing the placement of the Revolutionary Guards and its Qods Force on the terrorist list in the U.S., it is safe to assume most observers were not surprised by this recent development.

It is time for the sane world led by the U.S. to impose airtight sanctions on the warmongering, nuke acquiring, international terrorism sponsoring, Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming, stoning and murdering IRR.

Islamists are unreformable and until and unless they’re overthrown, “reformist” and all, no peace will be possible in the vital Middle East and beyond.


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Is there political gain (on

by AMIR1973 on

Is there political gain (on several different front) to be had by the current adminstartion for bringing this to light?

Maybe, yes, Maybe, no -- one can argue it both ways. Let's just say, yes there is "political gain" (however you want to define that) for Obama. What exactly does that prove? Bush got "political gain" from 9/11; FDR got "political gain" from Pearl Harbor,; Clinton got "political gain" from the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya & Tanzania, etc, etc. Therefore, those were what -- "inside jobs" carried out by those administrations in order to get "political gain"? So what if there is "political gain"? Yeah, okay and so? What does it prove about the alleged IRI plot? That the IRI is innocent in this case and its hands are clean?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What are we

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


arguing here and what is the point? 

  • Is IRI evil and nasty and kills people? This ain't news to me. We all know and agree right!
  • Is this particular incident theirs? What does it matter. USA is doing everything barring war or a blockade. If they want to do it they need money. They are out of money.
  • Is this to divert attention form problems that Obama is having. Maybe.

From what I see on CNN people are skeptical about it. Particularly in paying for a war. If Obama wants to take military action he needs to get popular support. But it ain't gonna happen. Right now spending taxpayer money is a sacrilege in America.

The very simple issue is what will Obama do. I bet not much because he does not have the money for a military intervention. That ties his hands big time.


Again you are missing the point

by KB on

Firstly, I was referring to IRI's "universal" terrorist activities which are much more calculating and daring than the assasinations you talk about. Theyhave not got the title of most dangerous state sponser of terrorism for the past god knows how many years for nothing. It may well be that the regime or elements in it were behind this, but "caught red handed"? steady on. 

Secondly and really the point of my post which you choose to ignore and that is the political game being played in the US over this issue.


You can not on the one hand

by AMIR1973 on

You can not on the one hand say that the IRI have pulled off the most daring acts of terrorism and on the other hand say we caught them because of these clumsy mistakes.

I never said IRI "pulled off the most daring acts of terrorism". What's so "daring" about sending a parasite working as a grocer in Germany into the Mykonos restaurant with a bunch of Arab murderers to shoot dead some people sitting down at their tables? What is "daring" about getting a bunch of filthy brainwashed fanatics to drive a truck full of explosives into a building? Or to kill an innocent entertainer like Farrokhzad, a decent man like Bakhtiar or to slash to pieces an old couple like the Forouhars (who objectively speaking where no real "threat" to the Islamist regime). That is "daring" only if one is an Islamist lowlife murderer who is incapable of a single contribution to science, technology, medicine or any human pursuits whatsoever. In the case of Bakhtiar and Mykonos (and the Argentine bombings), the culprits were either caught or have been named. So, these were the "perfect crimes" only by the standards of murderous savages, in other words the "elite" of the Islamist regime.


Veiled Prophet

by KB on

You make a couple of V good points. Both about the crimes that IRI has commited and the fact that it was a Saudi diplomat. If it had been a Tanzanian diplomat no one would have given a monkey's.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

A healthy dose

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of skepticism never hurts people. For example Al Capone was responsible for lots of killings. Does that mean that all killings were his doing? Of course it does not mean that he was innocent. But not every murder was his doing.

All that people are saying is to examine the evidence. In any event IRI has done far greater crimes than this. Why is no one talking about their actions in Iran? Is it that Iranian do not matter as much. 

Red handed? They have been hanging people off cranes. Where have you been for the past 32 years. Just because they may have targeted a Saudi it is on front page! How about all the other actions where is no doubt. Recorded by IRI goons themselves!


The difference is that...

by KB on

Just read the article in the Atlantic to see how this is different, I do not have the time. One thing is for sure, everyone agreed that the murders of Bakhtiar, Tabatabee was the work of IRI but many are questioning this, including the US media. You can not on the one hand say that the IRI have pulled off the most daring acts of terrorism and on the other hand say we caught them because of these clumsy mistakes. Again you miss the point which is: Is there political gain (on several different front) to be had by the current adminstartion for bringing this to light? 


IRI terrorists trying to chew more than what they can swallow.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Islamist Regime's failed attempt in using mexican drug cartels to carry out an assasination on US soil followes the known pattern of using Lebanan's Hezbullah criminals to carry out murder of Iranian opposition figures abroad (Bakhtiar's and Kurdish leadeers murder as pointed out by Amir). All these murders are planned and ratified at the very highest level of islamist regime's mafia, ali khamenei himself.  What the old out of touch thieveing criminal ali khamenei failed to realise, it seems,  that this time the target of his assasination attempt is no other than the representative in US of a very US friendly oil producing nation....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Every circumstance is "completely different"

by AMIR1973 on

1) Bakhtiar was killed on French soil; Mykonos was carried out on German soil; Tabatabaee was killed on U.S. soil. You think the IRI considers U.S. soil as sacred? They sure as hell didn't consider invading the U.S. embassy and taking its staff hostage for 444 days in front of the whole world to be "beyond the pale".

2) One of the killers convicted for Mykonos, Kazem Darabi, was a grocer living in Germany (I'm not sure if he was a well-known grocer or a grocer who was also a believer). Grocers, yes. Car dealers, no? Sure, whatever you say.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Why do you have to twist people's words? I do't know KB but he brings up valid point. Instead of reponding you make a jab at him. These same points have been raised by many MSM.

Is this your kind of democracy? Anyone who disagrees or even questioned is immediately trashed. People should question what they read no matter who says it. If not you end up with a Khomeini. No more accepting whatever authority says.


Mykonos, Bakhtiar completely different circumstances

by KB on

1) they were not on US soil

2) They were commited by idealists/criminals. Sheikhattar who murdered Bakhtiar was a well known chaghookesh/lat in Tehran but a true believer. Not a car dealer inTexas...

3) This whole plot is being questioned by every one including the WSJ, the Atlantic etc.

The other point is that if the Obama's admin/Holder have been so crap, why are they suddenly thebest thing since sliced bread in  uncovering this plot?


I guess now we'll say IRI wasn't behind Mykonos, Bakhtiar, etc

by AMIR1973 on

After all, the IRI was implicated and some of its top officials stand accused for those attacks too. I guess they were "too sophisticated" to get caught red-handed in those cases as well (and used Arab terrorists to assist them with the Mykonos operation as well as a prior attempt on Bakhtiar's life). 


Are you saying Obama did something right?

by KB on

The Iranians (govt) are supposed to be masters of terror and have far reaching ties all over the world. But for this job they went to a Mexican? What, they needed their yard landscaped? Or they were just cheap and wanted undocumented workers? Oh wiring money to an Iranian via a US bank is an obvious untraceable way to send funds for terror attacks too. Those crazy Iranians, after 32 years of being terrorists and having masterminded most sophisticated terror attacks get caught red handed like this.


I dare say...

by پندارنیک on

This is what I don't understand: Why in the US?

The accused somehow contextually reminds me of Jack Ruby.