Cheap Gasoline


by Fred

Yesterday the oil minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, had a very interesting press conference.

His announcement about increase in the country’s “proven oil reserve” by nearly 9% and “foreign companies” investing in Iran’s oil and gas projects were dismissed out of hand by reputable international oil industry experts.

The interesting part about the press conference has to with the gasoline imports which account for around 40% of the country’s needs.

To make up the shortfall due to international sanctions, the Islamist Rapists have had to retool the petrochemical plants to refine gasoline.

Financial Times reports: 

“Some Iranian oil analysts believe the petrol produced in petrochemical factories is too costly, which makes the new measure only a short-term solution.

They reckon it costs at least 15 times more than the petrol made in refineries, which rises to about 40 times if disruption of the petrochemical industry is also taken into account.

People are also concerned about health hazards of the high-octane petrol on their lives and the damage to cars.”

In the enclosed video clip Mr. Minister claims for the purpose of “re-exporting” by Iran, IRR has issued permission for the sale of gasoline to Iran by the foreign suppliers. The stipulation being the sale price must be lowered by $20.00.

In other word, the foreign companies are to risk losing American market and if caught selling to IRR, get a hefty fine, all for selling their gasoline at discount to IRR so it can mark it up and resell it on the international market.

Hence,  Khomenini, the Islamist Rapists’ mass murderer of a founding “Imam’ and his axiom often quoted: “economy is for donkey”.





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Maryam Hojjat

mahmoudg, Wish you are Right

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am with you on all your comments.


Just another hype

by mahmoudg on

Fred, as you know full well, this is just another hype on the part of the regime to qwell any possible uprising thay may be caused solely on the part of expensive gasoline.  The Rapist Republic's economy is tanking and there is nothing they can do about it.  Hence these types of press conferences is/are just to save face for a little longer.  Tough sanctions are working and will weaken the infrastructure of these Rapists.  Getting the scene ready for heavy allied bombing of these same sites, leadership assets, nuclear faciltiies, Basij and Pasdar military bases.  Once the regime is devoid of the support of its very small base, the entire Nation will rise up and sweep these murderors into the dustbin of history.

Sargord Pirouz

Hey, at least their economy

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, at least their economy isn't a burden on US taxpayers. Look how much we Americans have had to dole out to you Israelis, to support your economy and war machine. Billions and billions of dollars, shoring up Jewish majority rule in Palestine. 

And this expensive American outlay of cash and weaponry to you Israelis is heaped upon us in the form of increased debt to Asian banking sources. The drain you Israelis represent on the US far outstrips Iranian efforts to deal with the economic warfare being directed against it, at the behest of your lobby group in America.