Chocolate thief

by Fred

I think if there ever was a heavenly substance, it would have to be made of chocolate. It is no wonder chocolate is loved the world over. Young and old, woman or men, white, black or all the shades in between love chocolate.

I also think in everybody’s life, at one time or another, almost everyone has either pilfered a piece of chocolate or thought about doing so.

All those who have given in to the temptation and helped themselves to a piece without paying for it, they should count their blessing. If they had done it in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and were caught, chances are they would be missing a limb.

They chop off  hand of petty thieves in a country where all the ruling Islamist Rapists, their relatives, friends and gofers, both inside and outside the country, are thieves by dictates of dogma and personal nature. 

AFP reports:

“An Iranian court has condemned a 21-year-old man convicted of robbing chocolates and cocoa from a Tehran pastry shop to have a hand chopped off, Fars news agency reported on Saturday.”




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Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, yeah, and Israel just

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, yeah, and Israel just killed two Palestinians. 

That's part of what this whole attempt is about: diverting attention away from Israeli crimes.

You Israelis at "Fred," how about writing a post on Israeli terrorism? You could start with the actions of your Irgun terrorists and move right up to the present day.

Or how about a post on the new Israeli loyalty oath? Write on stiff you know.



by yolanda on

I am a chocoholic myself...I watched Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp...I hope the pastry shop owner can forgive the guy for stealing the irresistible chocolates and give the guy a 2nd chance......I hope the media coverage can save the guy's hand and end the barbaric punishment!

The worst scenario: If the punishment does get carried out (I hope not).....I hope his hand can be re-attached!

Thank you for your blog and thank you for voicing your outrage!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Chopping off hands is worse than thievery

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

All cruel punishments must end now.