The chosen ones’ visit


by Fred

After yesterday’s two separate attacks on Moscow’s metro by reportedly two female Islamist homicidal terrorists resulting in at least thirty eight innocent commuters being murdered, the Russian President went to the scene of the crime and vowed "we will find and wipe out” those behind the bombings, calling them “wild beasts”.

Not getting into the barbarity the Russians have been meting out to the Chechen population or the sheer diabolical nature of Islamists’ suicide bombings, one has to point out when it comes to Islamist terrorism the Ruskies have a  hypocritical policy.  

It is no secret that Russians alongside Chinese are supporters and enablers of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. It is also no secret that because of this unbridled support both countries-particularly Russia due to her historical animosity towards Iran- are reviled by Iranians.

The Russian politicians who consistently back Islamist Rapist Republic which not only terrorizes Iranians but also openly creates and stage manages international terrorism  cannot turn around bemoan the same dogma based terrorism when it visits their own turf. After all what the Chechen Islamist murderers want is to establish a carbon copy of IRR which Russia has chosen to support with gusto.

At tragic times like this when mere words cannot convey the sorrow, it is also a good opportunity to take stock of contributory policies.

It is time for the Ruskies to stop backing the beacon of Islamist terrorism; the only solution is zero tolerance of terrorists at home and abroad, Czar Putin and President Medvedev need to practice it.  




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