The chosen people in Iran

by Fred

In some democracies the elected chief executives have the legal prerogative to grant pardon to convicted criminals, a power rarely exercised and usually after public discussions.

In Iran, the unelected lifetime tyrant grants pardons prior to any prosecution. In other words, a carte blanch for suborning justice.

The latest case is that of Mohammad Malekzadeh, former secretary of the Supreme Council of Iranians outside of Iran. For many years just prior to his number of high profile governmental positions including Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Malekzadeh was the official driver of the former Iraqi born Head of Iran’s Judiciary.

Radio Free Europe
“Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has pardoned an aide to President Mahmud Ahmadinejad who was arrested in 2011 on corruption charges.

Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Dolatabadi said on May 6 that Malekzadeh’s case was ready to be prosecuted when Khamenei granted him “clemency.”

The wanton barbarity heaped on the Iranians and the epidemic thievery from public coffers by cadres of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), at times involving astronomical amounts

 is one consequence of this practice.

The only way out is regime change by the Iranian people via airtight sanctions with air/naval cargo inspection along with sane word’s logistical help. 


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The Chosen people (Rapists) are remnant of Arab plunderers who

by Azarbanoo on

have resided in IRAN for  more than 1400 years and continue plundering IRAN & IRANIANS in the name of their shameful religion.


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I wear an Omega watch