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When it comes to sheer chutzpah IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is second to none.  Back in Iran they torture, rape and murder Iranian men women and children who don’t go with the program and at least on two hundred occasions have dispatched their Islamist murder squads overseas to kill troublesome Iranian dissidents.

Now they are letting their fingers do the walking by calling the global police, INTERPOL, placing the names of those they deem troublesome which includes many familiar and not so known names including many Kurdish activists on INTERPOL's Red Notice .  

Their latest utilization of INTERPOL is the Red Notice placed on a troublemaker who the Islamist Rapists and their minions love to hate, here is the link to the report and vedio.




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Once again

by MRX1 on

Fred you are right on a money. The level of "poor rooyee" of islamo facists is some thing else, but then again we see their so called educated lackeys on this site every day proving your point.


PS. The Title in the Europe News

by Arthimis on

PS. The Title in the Europe News article is WRONG!!! It should say Islamic Rapists Republic
targeting dissidents... , NOT IRAN! Also, why the translator has an Arabic accent representing an Iranian issue for the non Iranian audience??? I swore the conspiricy against Iran and Iranians are beyond belief!!! Meanwhile, Ignorance and or stupidity is
infinite... Shame..........

Free Iran and Iranians NOW!


This is F@$king unreal!!!

by Arthimis on

This is F@$king unreal!!! I"m so pissed
off... Another proof that the big powers in the world did in fact
install these Islamic bastards in power and now after 31 years of
sucking Iranian's wealth (2nd producer of natural oil and gas in the
world!!!) dry... Islamic Republic Terrorists government has been the
single best business partner of all Europeans, Americans, Russians ,
Chinese and the rest... Iranians need to free themselves by themselves... No body in the world
cares for Iran! The rest of the world (mainly Europeans, Americans and
the Chinese) In fact they have worked and supported Iran's enemies (Islamic
Republic) for their own financial benefits at the cost of killing
innocent peaceful Iranians and stealing our wealth to the last damn
penny... Shame ... Serious wake up call time...


خداوندگان وقاحت



Chutzpah simply means audacity, be it for good or bad. The subject matter being IRR and knowing by the force of experience that anything having anything to do with IRR by definition cannot have any positive aspect to it, it is therefore a negative.

I think chutzpah in this context could be best translated into veghaahat which is the bread and butter of Islamists and building block of their DNA.


These buggers eat the most por-roee for breakfast.  





by Mehrban on

Fred jaan, if I understand Chutzpah correctly, there is a positive connotation to it that is not deserved by IRR.  Roo in Farsi is a much more suitable word and Por Roo is a better description of these creatures.  They have one thing over the rest of us and that is infinite Roo.   So if it were me I would title this blog as "Roo ke niist".   Chutzpah is too good for them.  

Genghis Khan

Now, you know

by Genghis Khan on

Sadly, the same international mechanism who seeks the arrest of Rafighdoost, and Rafsanjani might  be utilized against anyone else, regardless the sanctity, and the merit of his/her political activity.

Now, we should thoroughly appreciate the logic, and wisdom of His Majesty Reza PahlaviII, when he calls for, only, civil disobedience by the Iranians at home.

As I have repeatedly said, a comprehensive, and well-executed military attack by the US, is the one and only solution to the problematic "theocracy" in our beloved homeland.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


They have absolutely no

by vildemose on

They have absolutely no shame...


Thank you

by Raoul1955 on

for the link 'Fred.'