by Fred

For the past thirty one years the stories coming out of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic have been so surreal they seem to be an unaired episode of the Twilight Zone.

Where else would one find a group of men and their women, (this group’s dogma is based on the ownership of female) get to do to a whole nation and her culture that which these Islamists do to Iran and Iranians?

And how can one respond to those who calmly and calculatingly try to rationalize the irrationality which is IRR?

As someone who gets into the face of those who for variety of reasons rationalize IRR, I would love to know and learn of a way to do it in a way which does not ruffle any bystander’s feathers.

Majid Tavakoli, you know the student who Islamist Rapists paraded in forced IRR woman attire which led to a big international solidarity of sort, that Majid, has gone on a total hunger strike to protest his dire situation in prison and is apparently in a bad shape.

Could someone with miss manner’s etiquette tell me how one is to respond to those who in trying to diminish it will invariably pup-up to compare this atrocity with others taking place in other parts of the world?

What about how Emily Post approved respond to those who regularly lecture on what is going on in IRR is an evolutionary process which will eventually tame the beast turning them Islamist Rapists into Wilsonian democrats?  

 Much obliged in advance.




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