Cranes of death

by Fred

Merchant of death: an unscrupulous seller of military arms on the international market.

However, given the fondness of the Islamist Rapists in using cranes to execute Iranians in droves, this publicly well known fact makes their cranes suppliers nothing but merchants of death.

Here is a list of these unscrupulous merchants of death along pictures of cranes emblazoned with their corporate logo with Iranians dangling from them.

People of conscience might consider contacting these otherwise respectable suppliers of mobile Iranian killing machinery, asking them to stop assisting Islamist Rapist Republic in its crimes against humanity.

Iranians are in their darkest hours, corporate profit margin is no excuse in helping their mass murderers!


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the elderly out of touch "Death babies" need to grow up

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

before angel of death knocks on their doors. They need to understand that fundamental and collective desire of Iranian nation for liberty, social justice and peace can only be achieved when the chief thug, the "spokesman of god on earth" Khamenei and his greedy, thieving , murdering so called republic is overthrown. This process is well and truely in motion now and can not be stopped no matter how many cranes of death, US aircraft carriers, or khamenei's wet dreams for a few n.korean manufactured nuke bombs.   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Death Babies!

by Tavana on

Just as the fun/sad part of the 'beautiful life' we all equally?? enjoy on earth! and apart from all Fred's daily serious concerns!! & PN's ever hoping of putting his/her clock back to 1967!! the follwing classic tune of 'You Dropped the Bumb on Me Baby' is no longer funny/joyful as it used be considering the US fleet presence in Persian Gulf, the US occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan, Iran's attempts to own an atomic bomb, & all other ever increasing world's global alms;


Are not we all but 'Grown Up Death Babies' one way or another??



Of cranes of politics

by پندارنیک on

Capital punishment, whether be executed as humanely as by means of administration of coma inducing drugs in secluded prison cells or as blood soaked by means of Saudi-style public beheading, has been a matter of public debate for quite a while.

Those of us who fancy a secular blah blah IRAN in near future should understand that the reality on the ground is much graver than what they can imagine, let alone handle. I too wish it was possible to rehabilitate the hardened criminals by massage therapy and Yoga, but it is not.

Having said that the underlying message of dear Fred's blog goes far beyond the subject of killing the killers and raping the rapists; as I understand , he is in fact tackling the issue of cutting the bloodline of the IRI. To that, I'd say: Good for you Fred, let's ruin the Islamists' breathing ground by Israel's going back to her international borders of 1967, and by signing NPT.


PS. The dreadful plight of our innocent political prisoners who must be set free at once without a moment of hesitation, is excluded from this comment.