Death mirroring life


by Fred

Pattern (noun), Pattern (WAY) /from Middle English patron, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin patronus

A particular way in which something is done organized or happens.

The Pattern has been set, that is the way the Islamist cutthroats republic doles out the bodies of the peaceful demonstrators it has either murdered by use of rooftop sharpshooters during last month demonstrations or after torturing the detained ones in its many dungeons.

First the Islamist cutthroats republic’s authorities have the family of the victim do the by now know routine. Going from known detention center to known detention center where a whole lot of desperate pleading and crying is expected of the hapless relatives. After few weeks of this intentional torturous suspended animation the relatives who are on the verge of mental breakdown are advised to return home and wait for an imminent call to come and fetch their naughty loved one-who after signing the required promissory documents to not be naughty again will be released to them. The relieved relatives knowing at least he/she is alive and will be released soon go home waiting for the promised phone call.

In a week or so the call comes directing them to go to some nondescript office where they are given the address where the detainee can be picked up. At this juncture the lucky ones are told to go to some known detention center usually the vast infamous Evin prison. Less-lucky ones are told to go to some hospital where their pummeled loved one is hanging on to dear life. The unluckiest ones are told to go to the morgue. And the morgue goers are in for yet another torturous routine worthy of Dante to explain.

Privilege (noun)

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin privilegium law for or against a private person, from privus private + leg-, lex law

A right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor; especially: such a right or immunity attached specifically to a position or an office.

Like everything in the Islamist cutthroats republic, even in death, privilege separates the people from the Islamist rulers. The relatives of almost every single peaceful demonstrator, murdered either under torture or by government sharpshooters, are told in no uncertain term to have a small funeral and NOT make any fuss or else. To emphasize their point the Islamist authorities have arrested the grieving father and brother of a victim for not heeding this directive and giving interviews to Persian-language broadcasters based outside Iran.

But in the case of Mohsen Ruholamini, a twenty five year old who will never see his aspiration for freedom bear fruit things are different.

Mohsen’s grieving father, an Islamist cutthroats republic apparatchik, gets to mourn the customary way which includes having soothing condolence messages published in the papers by his friends and colleagues.


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Re: Bijan

by jamshid on

I agree with your assessment. the nuke issue is still on the table.  I'd like to add another possibility to your list and that is an internal buchering among sepaahis themselves.

Truly we Iranians must be a "god forsaken" people for having our "rejaals" be reduced to only the so called reformists such as the likes of Rafsanjani, or the hardliners, or even worst, the Sepaahis.

I think Satar Khan, Mossadegh, Shah, Bakhtiar and many others are turning in anguish in their graves.

Nevertheless, a window of opportunity for freedom has opened, one that may not open for another 20 years if we allow it to be shut. So let each and every single one of us make the most out of this opportunity and do his and her best to support the movement.

Bijan A M

Jamshid khan

by Bijan A M on

Thanks for your insightful post that points to a real possibility. I am afraid, any attempt by anyone to open up a debate on this possibility would lead to his/her public lynching for inciting creation of a civil war in Iran. If, god forbid, a military government takes over, In my opinion, we either face a government that would make a deal on nuclear issue or a war will be imminent. Either way, the Iranian people will be the biggest losers and their aspirations of a true democracy will be silenced for many generations to come.



by jamshid on

Don't you worry. We've now got the likes of "Q" on the people's side! God help us.

On a serious note, I think there is a huge danger for a second level coup d'etat (call it a military coup by the Guard against the people's will) to take place in the next few months.

A shift from a theocracy form of government to a military one is looming in the horizons. If this happens, there could be several massacres and large scale arrests across the country, which would not spare even the likes of Mousavi or Rafsanjani.

If this happens, the people's drive for democracy could be crushed in an unprecedented manner.

I don't understand why nobody in the movement is talking about this very real danger nor preparing for it.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Just a deadly mistake!

by Jahanshah Rashidian on


State-run semi-official Mher quoted the Majlis as classifying this crime  an unfair mistake!