Democratic “neocons”


by Fred

There is a fine balance to be achieved in condemning IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and giving extra ammunition to those deadest on militarily attacking Iran.

The above statement sums up what some people in general and almost all IRR supporters in particular front as their operating philosophy. But the problem is even if those who are genuine in their belief-which would not include the usual IRR lobbies, the triumvirate of Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies- their entire philosophy is wrong.

The “neocon” bogeymen were accused of wanting to attack Iran during eight years of Bush administration, ergo keeping silent on IRR’s despicable crimes against humanity was one way of denying extra ammunition to the “warmongers”.

With both Houses and the White House firmly under the control of the decidedly non-neocons, following the same flawed operating philosophy is emblematic of intellectual laziness or dishonesty or worst of them all, apathy.

To solve a problem one has to target the source not the symptoms. IRR is the problem. Continuation of crimes against humanity which includes systematic rape, torture, maiming and murdering of Iranian men, women and children are symptoms of the problem, as is the very real possibility of IRR imposing a devastating war on Iran and the world. 

It is time for honest reassessment of the situation. It is time to stop the pipe dream of reforming IRR, bite the bullet and support the only solution to the core problem.

Before others with their own national interests are forced to do it, Islamist Rapist Republic has to be overthrown by Iranian people; anything else is just helping to further aggravate the problem.


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I'm happy Saddam is gone & unenthusiastic about Gulf War Three

by bushtheliberator on

 I am the GWBushiest visitor at, and the least informed on Islam,& Iran, BUT I'm always ready to remind I-Coms that the people who actually DO war, DO NOT show any enthusiasm for Gulf War III.War is neither imminent, or likely !

" Money'"didn't kill Saddam, and it can't start a war in Iran either.

The US warned the Serbs, and warned Saddam both times.

That's the way Uncle Sam rolls, so until You hear ' Whack Iran' coming straight out of the POTUS,don't worry about it.


There is a fine balance to

by Escape on

There is a fine balance to be achieved in condemning IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and giving extra ammunition to those deadest on militarily attacking Iran.

It is a tightrope,a true art.

MOOSir or mahmoodg.

What'll it be?


waging surgical strikes is the only answer

by mahmoudg on

saying it will not make it possible.  but in a democratic and free world, every one is entitled to say what they beleive and not be killed for it.  How exactly do you achieve to win freedom in Iran by the Iranians????  This is not the Shah's regime to leave the scene for the sake of saving more lives.  This regime will kill more than 3 million of its citizens before it is ever toppled, in fact if that is even possible.  This regime will cling to power even if it has to kill all 69 million.  Remember the Mahdi.

Therefore an internal uprising would constitute the bloodiest of confrontations.  surgical strikes would ONLY eliminate 200K of the diehard supporters.  3 million vs 200K now you do the math and decide.


If the term neocons makes u uneasy change it to warmongers


There are many of them in the democratic party. Foreign policy issues are usually bipartisan. Almost all democrats VOTED FOR Iraq war. 

Money influences politics. pro likud organizations, like AIPAC and other pro-war organizations filled the coffins of democrats and republicans alike. pentagon militarists with the aide of their corporate partners waged an all out propaganda war to garner support for the Iraq war. and useful idiots like Chalabi and other Iraqi exiles helped make the war possible.

And they will do so again for Iran if we let them. obviously some naive iranians are more than happy to oblige.