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by Fred

In its Saturday’s issue Washington Post spells out a few more details about Shahram Amiri, the “nuclear scientist” who went back to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic including the exsistance of “CIA's National Resettlement Operations Center in the United States”.

In the murky world of intelligence operations truth always lies somewhere between the north and south poles. But in the meantime at times like this when the opposing sides, for reasons of their own including damage control and implanting doubts on the credibility of sources, make calculated leaks, one can get a peek at their world.

If what Washington Post reports is anywhere close to the truth, then the entire sixteen or so American  intelligence organizations making up the “intelligence Community” which dig out data for NIA, the National Intelligence Estimate,  have got a lot of explaining to do. 


Apparently, again according to the recent “leaks”, it is hinted that one of the primary sources in the infamous Bush era NIE report in which it was claimed IRR had stopped its nuke weaponization program some years back was non other than the perpetually defecting “nuclear scientist” Shahram Amiri.

Although NIC, the National Intelligence Council, the organization which puts out the NIA tried to backtrack from that report and later came out with a totally contradictory one with an escape clause as a caveat, nevertheless it shows what buffoonery a bunch of highly paid government bureaucrats are capable of.

KIC, the Keystone Intelligence Council is a more apt acronym than anything else, what a waste of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.   





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by fooladi on

Who cares? the islamist khalifat is in deep s**t, their howling agents are screaming on iranian .com because they are concerned about their next pay check, and worst of all, my weekend is over, back to work tomrrow, and I didnt manage to finish the irrigatin system in my backyard  :) 


One finger

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

What a puzzle!!! great journalists and fact finders like this guy F' are scratching their heads wondering what Amiri was all about? what were his motivations? and what kind damage he inflicted upon US and Israeli intelligence services?

Well, I dont have the answer, but I do know how they can deal with it

As we say in Tehran, "               in the right location spining around and being puzzled"

That isthe story of Amiri as long as the intelligence services in US are concerened. I hope that help you Efey

ram jams


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Ok mien Führer to sum up your non-black and white world, when the wind blows the Islamists’ way it is non-neocon, otherwise neocon?

Mastering the science of Neoconology requires mastering Islamist fuzzy logic which mien Führer is the Grand Master, GM. for short.

Don’t be so selfish and do share more of your Islamist wisdom, the following is a good one too.

“neocons control the narrative but they dont have much policy making powers .”   


Even with  GM. you are too green, do not skip class.


not my fault you are black and white ayatollah Fred


I touched a nerve didnt i? back to your old tactics i see

When I say the foreign policy establishment is neocon influenced I hold reservations for incidents like this.

In your black and white world view, if i say something then it must absolutely mean that.

As for nugget of wisdom (not) need I remind you that 2007 was the beginning of the end of neocons near 100% influence over all aspects of mid-east policy post 9-11. Bush post 2007 is more or less like Obama now. neocons control the narrative but they dont have much policy making powers.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer let me see if I get what you are saying.

On the one hand in your previous dispensations of wisdom you have said the current American policy is ‘neocon” driven while the President is a Democrat and not a Neocon.

On the other hand you are now saying under Bush, the Neocon as you chaps like to label him, his Intelligence organization was not Neocon and produced NIE that you like.

Do you Islamists ever hear your own nonsensical gibberish?   


not an interesting perspective at all.


NIE 2007 was the worst thing to happen to warmongers. pretty much stopped warmongers in their quest for iran invasion. now the same said warmongers are trying to tie Amiri to the NIE 2007 - in a new neocon narrative - in their quest to prove that they were right all along! takes a lot of gal, after the Iraq war fiasco.


interesting perspective.

by fooladi on

But I think the intelligence data are "interpreted" in a way to justify the foreign policy objectives. The US intelligence community has dealt with much bigger fish (KGB). I'd not give IRI intelligence too much credit for misleading US in their assesment of their nuclear weapons progremme, let alone on US invasion of Iraq.


Double agent

by afshin on

I knew it.  He was a double agent all along.  Much in the same way the IRI used Challabi to steer the neocons in to pushing for getting rid of Saddam Hussein, they used Amiri to disinform the western intelligence agencies.  Underestimating the cunningness of the Mullahs will be at your peril.  They may look like a bunch of scruffy idiots, and some are, but they operate in a very systematic and effective way.  Keep in mind that when the Shah left Iran, SAVAK was left mostly intact.  Only the upper echelon was purged.  The agency had over 100,000 employees.  They didn't just vanish.  This is a very capable agency.  I don't say this out of admiration for them, I say it in a more ominous sense.  That getting rid of this regime will not be simple, and certainly will not be bloodless.  I fear when all is said and done, Iran will need to be attacked to save it from its leaders.