Dinner with Ahmadinejad

by Fred

AFP reports:

The Iranian President left Saturday for a three-nation trip, which includes the U.S., where he’ll attend the United Nations General Assembly meetings next week.

Ahmadinejad said that besides attending the U.N. meeting, he’d also meet with American government officials.

"In New York, I will talk to heads of governments, a group of American people, industrialists, thinkers, politicians and decision-makers, have a dialogue with one of the American universities, and talk to the media,"

And if his past annual trips are any indication, Ahmadinejad will be throwing some sort of party attended by those Iranians who can always be had for few bucks, a hotel room and a serving of Khoresh-Gheimeh with Sandis brand juice to wash it down.

Cartoonist Bill Watterson once said: “I don’t know which is worse: that everyone has his price, or that the price is always so low.”

My question:

What is the fair price to charge, if any, to go and have dinner with the show president of the Islamist Rapist Republic?


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If Obama ever shakes hands with Ahmadi......

by Simorgh5555 on

If Obama EVER shakes the hands of Ahmadinejad or engages in any form of small talk with him then his whole Presidency as well as his entire political career deserves to be destroyed. Not even Bill Clinton receiving oral sex from Monika Lewinsky in the Ovall Office could be more  disgraceful than Obama shaking hands with the leader of the  most dangerous terrorist regime the world has ever known.


Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

And not just because of the food.

That's a lovely quote of Watterson's. Thanks for that.

Surely, whatever the charge for such a dinner, it's peanuts compared to the business, attendees will be getting or continuing to reek in?(sanctions don't "operate" in the Bahamas, Liechtenstein, Monaco etc...)

Uxbridge Urban Dictionary:

Hamas - What Geordies use to bang nails in.


dont be so naive fred


you paint these fools as if they are the second coming of hitler. they are not. often times peace makers have dealth with people much much worse than Ahmadinejad. that is why peace makers throughout history will be remembered for their work and not a bunch of idealist arm chair warriors thinking that everyone should just ignore the big elephant in the room and "air tight sanction" the regime including the people they have hostage.


ask any expert and they would tell you that even the worse of the worse have to be dealt with at some point.