The dirty dozens named


by Fred

By now only people with amoral character and the usual assortment of lovelies do not know about and/or in favor of their very own weird higher cause dismiss the nature of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Of course one cannot leave out the ultimate enablers of the Islamist Rapists, the companies with profit margins as their only concern facilitating the extraction and sale of blood gas and oil which keeps IRR afloat.

The New York Times reports on such companies and the accompanied GAO report lists the names of the dirty dozens which are in cahoots with the Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering IRR.

The Islamist Rapists are on a war path and need to be stopped before they get their game changing weaponized nuke guaranteeing the survival of their Islamist savagery for unforeseeable future and all the risks which it entails.

It is on all the people of conscience to boycott these dirty dozens, disinvest in their stocks and have others do the same to force them to give up the blood soaked dollars they earn on the back of raped, maimed and murdered Iranian men, women and children.

When purchasing of blood diamonds was put to a screeching stop by individuals banding together saying enough is enough, the end of massacres, limb chopping, rapes and looting followed soon after.  

The way to head off the war IRR is deadest on imposing on ME and dooming any chances of peace there is to boycott those companies which do business in IRR’s blood Gas & Oil. 






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