Discrimination against Iranians

by Fred

In response to the blatant savagery committed by the Qaddafi cabal against the fed up Libyan people, the sane world has imposed meaningful sanctions including freezing Libyan government’s assets, ironclad travel ban, ending Libya’s membership in the U.N.'s Human Rights Council and U.K’s lifting of diplomatic immunity for Qaddafi.

Even the prosecutor of ICC, International Criminal Court, has said he will open a formal investigation into possible crimes against humanity in Libya.

In contrast, the sane world’s response to the verifiable crimes against humanity committed by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, against the defenseless Iranian people has at best been tepid.

My questions are:

Why the illegal weaponized nuke acquiring, “managing the world” aspiring, international terrorism inspiring and bankrolling, Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering messianic Islamist Rapists get a pass and Qaddafi does not?

Why the discrimination against Iranians?

What do Arabs have that Iranians lack?

Why the preference to Arabs over Iranians?


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by HHH on

So by "Sane world" you mean America?!

The last time I checked America attacked 2 countries & massacred 1.1 million Iraqis and Afghans based on lies about "weapons of mass destruction" America's Israeli spies sold Bush & Cheney.

You must think thats "Sane" :)))

Why US treats different people, nations and countries differently?

1. American leaders are usually hypocrites

2. Iran has a powerful army & influence & can create headache for America

3. It's in US interests to keep the more civilized Iran until they get rid of the uncivilized first

4. US can attack Lybia from Mediterranean & no one would care, but Iran, that's a different story, 1 bomb & Iran shuts off the Persian Gulf & the flow of millions of barrels of oil

But please don't call the west the "sane world", just because they wear suits & ties they won't become gentlemen! They've attacked 50 countries in the last century while Iran has attacked none.



by hass on

SOmeone explain to me why Rumsfeld and Cheney who ordered people to be tortured are not indicted by the ICC, only THEN will I take the ICC investigation of Qaddafi seriously.



by Simorgh5555 on

Good blog as usual Fred but  Iam afraid that the Sane world is primarily interested in restoring normality and law and order in Libya to protect their vast lucrative oil exploration contracts. Gadaffi's departure, apart from being a relief to most Libyans is also a relief to the British who are keen to see a more complaisant government towards the West. I welcome international support of the West but I question the sincerity of their intentions. As you say, if any country needed liberation, it is Iran. We have suffered enough from the rapist regime for the last 30 years!