Do you feel lucky, punk?

by Fred

The semiofficial Fars News Agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has reported three days of “war games” in the waters of the Persian Gulf will be held beginning tomorrow.

The news agency quotes a Guard’s “Brigadier General” as saying:

"Maintaining security in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, as the world's key economic and energy routes, is the main goal of the war games. This war game is not a threat for any friendly countries"

This “war games” comes on the heels of the head of the Islamist Basiji Rapists Militia labeling American aircraft carriers as “nothing but washbasins” and American threat as “sounds emanating from a decaying corpse”.

Given the explosive situation IRR’s illegal weaponized nuke programs has placed Iran and Iranians in and given the few friendly countries IRR has bought are way away from the Persian Gulf; this is yet another provocative action by the Islamist Rapists itching to start a war.

The sane world lead by the U.S. has on numerous occasions underlined the vital strategic nature of the Persian Gulf and the willingness and availability of military might to safeguard open shipping lanes there.

The outcome would be disastrouse should one of those Islamist Basiji or Guard punks believe their own propaganda and take a pot shot or get too close to many American and coalition forces in the Persian Gulf.




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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The sane world is

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


really insane. It was the so called sane world of US; Britain and France that:

  • Gave shelter and a voice to Khomeini.
  • Put Khomeini in power in Iran.
  • Provided him with a propaganda machine aka BBC or better BBSM British BS machine. The same geographically challenged "news" service hasn't  learned to say "Persian Gulf". Poor old BBC needs training.
  • Gave weapons to Saddam and egged him on to attack Iran.
  • Shot down the Iranian civilian jetliner then gave the captain of the ship an award just to stick it to the victims.
  • Provided the Mojahedding in Afghanistan money and support. Now we have Taliban.

So while the IRI really sucks it was brought to power by the so called sane world. I would love to see the IRI gone. But for now thanks to full support of the UK; EU and the "sane world" they are not going. Thanks a lot civilized ones!


The clueless IRR supporter

by Fred on

A clueless supporter of the Islamist Rapists in part says:

“My question: Are you of the opinion that it was OK for this very "sane" world to supply Saddam and his boys with Exocet (British) and Mirage (French) in the middle of the Iran-Iraq war?”

1- Exocet missiles are French and not British as the clueless Islamist Rapist supporter says they are.

2- The same suppliers also sold tools of murder to his Islamist Rapist Republic too, so is his gripe limited to the sale of Exocet missiles?


BTW before answering the clueless supporter of the Islamist Rapists might like to know an Iraqi pilot killed quite a few American naval personnel with one of those French Exocet missiles.


Fred showing true colors

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

"The sane world lead by the U.S...."

"...Saddam's boys who couldn’t shoot straight with all the Exocet and latest Mirage fighters."

My question: Are you of the opinion that it was OK for this very "sane" world to supply Saddam and his boys with Exocet (British) and Mirage (French) in the middle of the Iran-Iraq war?

And it was OK for leader of the sane world to help Saddam with his chemical weapons. And for Rumsfeldt to shake hands and kissy missy with Saddam?

You are just as sane as your buddies, but the word in dictionary is traitor -- that is if your name is not Ledeen, of course. Go ask the MKOs, they know all about it.



by cyclicforward on

I keep reading all your comments and I can figure out what you are trying to say or think. What do you really want to happen? What is your position?






by ThePope on

"...we lost two battleships within minutes. You know why? Because Iranians didn't want to get into a real fight. They were shy and still timid..."!!!?!&!#!*!!!?&!#!*!!!? 

"...shy and still timid..."  LOL   :o)))    -khoob bood, khoob bood...
-khob, digeh chi?
-sheereen kaari'am baladi?!  lol  ;-) 


P.S.  on a more serious note, what you just said is an insult to [.....] our armed forces...



by Midwesty on

Excellent point... we lost two battleships within minutes. You know why? Because Iranians didn't want to get into a real fight. They were shy and still timid. Not that they didn't know how, they had this thing in their mind that their enemy was invincible.

However, the Iranian forces have watched them closely for that last 9 years from virtually no distance. They have studied them step by step. That fear from the enemies invincibility is gone but they still respect their enemy.

Are you listening? Iranians respect this new enemy where the enemy has no respect for them.

This alone, no matter how ironic it might sound to you, tells me that Iran will come out victorious.

Unfortunately, the more I talk the more I look like Sahhaf, Saddam's last clown that would not shut up till end lying about how great the Iraqi forces were resisting.

But the price of finding if I am right or wrong is massive. 



IRR is not Iran

by Fred on

The last time Islamist Rapists, and yes unlike some soon forget that they are not representing Iran’s national aspirations and safeguarding her interests, the last time IRR felt lucky and believed its own hype it cost Iran billions of dollars in few hours time.

In a matter of hours two Iranian oil platform costing half billion each were destroyed. And Iran was forced to pay for all the future earnings of the foreign operators of those two platforms.

These Islamist Rapists are playing  a  game of chicken with powers so beyond their ability to handle it is hard to explain which in and of itself would have been fine were it not that Iran and Iranians will be holding the bag for the Islamist Rapists’ foolishness.

They are not messing with Saddam's boys who couldn’t shoot straight with all the Exocet and latest Mirage fighters




It would be funnier,

by Midwesty on

If that thingy that you all are hoping for doesn't work as it has been planned for. Can't wait to see your face then. You know how good their track record is in "planning"! Now this is funny! :O)



by cyclicforward on

Let them have fun with their toys. None of this really matters when the time comes and the chips are down. I love your title though. really funny.


Fred - Is IRI breaking a law by these military excercises?

by MM on

And no, we are not part of IRR rapist ...... Don't bother.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't normally agree with Midwesty but he has a good point. Iran has every right to do military exercises within its own territorial waters. Not that it will do any good against a US attack if it happens. But Iran is perfectly justified in this action.

Furthermore there is provocation issuing from the other side. The BBC article is an example of provocations against Iran. There is plenty blame.


What a stupid logic Fred!

by Midwesty on

You have surrounded the country, have been sanctioning it from 6 different directions, and now talking about nukes and expecting they sit down and watch?

I guess you didn't get the real message when Iran's UN rep said," Iran has not invaded any country in the past 250 years".

Guess what bro! They are making massive bomb shelters now. This sh*t might be much real than what you think.

Ya makon ba peel banan mashberah...ya besaz khanh keh peel tosh berah!