Doing it to little boys & girls


by Fred

Lets get the latest tally*:

“Since last Saturday, the day that Russia and China prevented a UN resolution with their vetoes, 59 Syrian children have been martyred. That means that 8 children are being killed everyday since the last meeting of the Security Council. That means that one child is being killed every 4 hours.

The total number of martyrs since that day has risen to 687. Homs alone suffered the death of 427 of its citizens, among them 24 boys and 19 girls.

It is to be noted that the total amount of children that have been martyred since the beginning of the revolution on March 15 has reached 532, of which 419 were boys and 113 were girls.”

After much hoopla which translated into nothing but many more dead Syrians, the Arab League has thrown in the towel. It has asked the UN to send in peacekeepers, it is now too little too late.  

The Syrian Battist assisted by the Islamists Rapist Republic (IRR) and its Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist houseboy are committing mass murder.

Setting up safe haven zones inside Syria for the people to take refuge in and imposing immediate no-fly no-tank/artillery movement must be the starting point.

Every 4 hours a child is being murdered, the civilized world has a moral, legal duty to step in.

* WARNING, the videos are extremely graphic.  


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