A doofus named Ron Paul

by Fred

During the latest Republican presidential debate the four candidates, one less appealing and electable than the other, talked about what needs to be done with the nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR).

While three of the them at least recognize the tremendous danger the acquisition of nuke weapon by the messianic warmongering Islamists poses to the core US national security and world peace, the fourth guy was having his usual Chamberlain moment and said:

“The Iranians can't possibly attack anybody, and we're worried about the possibility of one nuclear weapon.”

The good news being, it seems the doofus from Texas has as much a chance to occupy the White House as chamberlain had for a second term.


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thanks Gilani jon

by مآمور on

I knew, I knew, u and I can, one day, reach a common point of view, today is that dAy. 

trust me, I saw fatigue on the face of that mothe-your mother, their mothers, everybody,s mother are my mothers regardless of their political affiliations- I saw she has given up(along with her husband). Day by day more israelis give up the dream to keep plastine occupied.

I see the same fatigue on your red star, on the face of shabby iranian opposition, in the speech of western powers leaders-how much u pay for gas in westwood?

discard that red star and replace it with Angelina Julie pic, IT WILL BRING GOOD THEN. 

I wear an Omega watch


Ron Paul Praises KKK Leader, David Duke

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


and miss pendar nick is absolutely right when she says:

"atomic bomb brings no good"

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


A Doofus Named Fred!

by HHH on

Actually he's 100% correct but Israelis like you wouldn't get it.

Iran has no nuclear weapons, no means of delivery to United States, no intention to hurt American people and no background of doing so, on the other hand your bosses in israel have bombed an American Navy carrier, have killed an American woman, have hijacked American aid ships, caused a war that cost 6000 American lives and your people curse Jesus, America and American government every minute so the real threat against America is Israel.

Even if someday Iran has the capability of reaching America no Iranian is stupid enough to attempt attacking America because they know US will retaliate ten-fold.

So spread your Zio-propaganda and warmongering somewhere else you're making an arse of yourself. The "Republicans" you're supporting are santorum who said "The assasination of Iranian professor/scientist is a wonderful news!", Gingrich who said "We have to ID all Iranians in America and deport all, he also said There's no such thing as the nation of Palestine!" and Romney who said "As a President I promise to attack Iran!" 

Find a new job.


atomic bomb brings no good

by مآمور on

if it was any good and had any benfit, israel with 200 of them would not be in the situation that it is now. israel is experiencing its worst time and rapidly lossing its grip on the region. it is just matter of time, with no blood, israelis will leave plastine and go back to their own countries, a israeli mother of 2 who left israel to not see her kids going to army told me yesterday.

I wear an Omega watch



by پندارنیک on

A nuclear Iran is not a threat to "the core [of] US national security and world peace". The only thing that is withering the social, economical, and political fabric of the US is the Zionist lobbyist groups whose agenda is nothing but "world domination". 

The state of Israel should realize that the public opinion in the US, and around the world is fast turning against her doctrine of "expansionism". The American tax payers can no longer foot the bills for a foreign country which is no longer an asset and ally, but an enemy in disguise and liability.

Ron Paul represents only the tip of the iceberg in the ocean of public discontent. He is genuine.