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by Fred

In his voluminous Life of Reason, American philosopher George Santayana famously says:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

And it seems some Iranians are dead set to prove him right. Take for example the latest move by the Islamist Green movement and their opening a charlatan Ali Shariati chapter in France.

One does not have to do much reasearch to find out who charlatan Ali Shariati was, his influence on the fokoli Islamists and particularly the ones who made up the apparatchik corps of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. Almost all of the by now disgraced “reformist” Islamist Rapists are his ideological followers.

The current leader of the Islamist faction of the Green Movement, a two-term IRR Prime Minister, and his wife who keep saying they want to take Iran and Iranians back to the “Golden era of the Imam” meaning the mass murderer Khomeini, are ardent followers of the charlatan Ali Shariati.

In fact the ongoing turf war between the two Islamist Rapist gangs in Iran, the “reformers” versus the “Principlists” is nothing but ideological war between the two gangs. The “reformers” see the survival of IRR in following a cocktail of charlatan Ali Shariati mixed with mass murderer “Imam” Khomeini, and the “Principlists” see it in following “Imam” Khomeini straight up.  

And now the overseas supporters of the Islamist Green Movement have announced their intention to open a “Dr. Ali Shariati chapter” in France to better support those goals of Mousavi and “Imam” Khomeini. There is no doubt these people are into proving “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”




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A matter of Principles

by religionoutofgovernment on


I am very familiar with your analysis of Bakhtiar's government and the possibility of the Shah's return. I would say that it is a very political view of the situation. Meaning, in your analysis you are looking for the most opportune way that in your mind would have given the highest likelihood of what you consider the best outcome at that particular time,  i.e. "No Shah". I look at it from a principle and legacy point of view.

I value Mosaddegh's role in our history only for the principles he represented and his legacy of democracy. He personifies our 150 year struggle for the rule of law. He is not a hero "because he fought the shah', he is a hero because he valued democracy and Independence for our nation.

In parallel, Bakhtiar will be regarded highly for his legacy of Democracy and Secularism. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY REGARDLESS OF WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. It is about principles. He will be remembered for suggesting a protected Shiite enclave in Ghom similar to Vatican. Now, that is a thought 100 years ahead of its time from a visionary. 

Since we are talking about Legacy and principles, NA and Bazargan certainly can be proud of a legacy for developing Islamo-politics in Iran. Please read the following by Dr. Hossein Bagherzadeh:


In response to this comment;

"Dr. Bakhtiar would not eliminate the generals (kill them) because that is not what JM folks do. But also because needed them. Sanjabi and JM would not kill the generals either. Actually, Sanjabi, other JM leaders and Bazargan and some of his NA members were the ONLY individuals who OPPOSED the violation of due process, human rights and the revolutionary courts under Khomeini’s control. "

I guess when you say some of his NA folks and you imply not all , it is because you are excluding this guy:



I would go further and submit to you that NA and particularly Shariati's view were not only not in line with Mosaddegh but actually completely anti-modern, anti-democratic and anti-Mosaddeghi. The best description of the fight for democracy that Mosaddegh represented is presented in these videos by Mahammad Amini:



Part 2.


And here is Shariati's view on the same subject:


After watching these videos Masoud, do you blame me for not considering Shariati and his views not in line with Mosaddegh? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who likes Shariati

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Giving a list of people who like or don't like Shariati does not make him good. The measure of a person are his deeds and actions.

Shariati was one of the fathers of Political Islam. The single biggest disaster to hit Iran in over 100 years. So he is responsible. I don't care if Sartre liked him or if Savak hated him: it does not matter! It is his ideas and their applications that have failed. And failed as badly as anything ever did. 

In addition he made his hatred of pre-Islamic Iran very clear. That means he hated everything that makes us! On the other hand he idolized Arabs.His idol: a half savage illiterate Arab from the desert named "Fatemeh".

To "erooni" who seems to think being Iranian means being Muslim. Sorry pal! There are millions of Iranians who have rejected Islam. How do I get the numbers? Like this:

Polls show 40% of Iranians Americans left Islam. There are ~3 million Iranians in America. 3,000,000 * 40/100 = 1.2 million. This is just the beginning there are MANY more who reject POLITICAL Islam as Fred likes to make a distinction. To me all Islam is worn out bunch of Arab mythology right out of the desert. Shariati was simply another half-baked an-tellectual. Got enough education to be dangerous but not enough the actually know. His one assert was "zabone charb".

If there was ever any question: I Hate Shariati and all the other charlatans. I hate those who make a living peddling superstitions and intolerance. Those who created the hell of IRI. I hope there is an afterlife and Shariati gets what he deserves.


Clueless Haji

by Fred on

In defending his charlatan idol, Haji Islamist rattles off a list of names, most if not all part of the oxymoron religious nationalist creed of Ibrahim Yazdi group.

So what, the kind of respect I have for most those he names, Haji nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists will never understand. However, that does not mean if they are as charlatan Ali Shariati intoxicated as Haji nuke is, they are not wrong and that their charlatan Ali Shariati is not a charlatan.

You see Haji nuke, the defunct Communism or for that matter any other -ism like Nazism which resembles your ideology the most, did  have good people falling for their virulent nonsense. That does not mean the virulent dogma was just, rather, it was packaged in a way that even some good people fell for it.

BTW, as to Majid Sharif, Haji I knew Majid Sharif.  And he knew you too well!

Ps. when you make such definitive declaration as: “Freddo (who has never read a page of what Shariati has written) and most of the mullahs, particularly Mesbah Yazd who declared him an apostate”,

It only goes to show your ignorance and how clueless you are.  


Who hates Shariati and who respects him

by Mammad on

Let us see:

Who hates Shariati:

Freddo (who has never read a page of what Shariati has written) and most of the mullahs, particularly Mesbah Yazd who declared him an apostate.

Who is influenced by Shariati, respects him, etc.: 

Where should I start? Nasrin Sotoudeh (in jail), Ahmad Zeidabadi (in jail), Taghi Rahmani (14 years in jail), Reza Alijani (frequently jailed), Hoda Saaber (frequently jailed, right now in jail), Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari (jailed for six years), the late Mahid Sharif (killed as part of Chain Murders; I personally know this one because we listened to tapes of Dr.'s speeches together and the speeches of Ayatollah Khomeini criticizing him)), ... all courageous people.

I rest my case!


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Whose dead and which Iranians are you talking about? Are you talking about the mass graves of the victims of IR? Are you referring to raping, murdering and burning of the bodies of the innocent victims of IR? Or is it the desecration of the burial sites of the minorities that you have in mind when writing these lines? Maybe you are talking about Reza Shah's tomb. Or perhaps the dead who were hurried before their relatives could even see them for the last time. Or those victims of IR whose burial was not allowed in public cemeteries because they were viewed as heretics. Or those burried in the nameless graves around the country. You have the right to criticize the blog as much as you want, but please refrain from lumping all Iranians together where it concerns perpetrating brutalities and committing the most inconceivable heinous crimes.


One thing is clear Fred!

by erooni on

I guess you are not a Muslim and probably you do not even consider yourself an Iranian and that is why you call Shariati a charlatan also Iranians do not like to hear anyone insulting their dead specially someone famous like Dr.Shariati and no matter how much some Iranians may dislike the current regime they do not like to hear that from a foreigner or non Muslim.


Dear Khar, even khars & Cows could easily replace

by SamSamIIII on


some of our ideologue ommatie elites of past & present & I mean it literally & no jokes here.

In Indo-Iranic & IndoEuropean ancient rituals animals such as Cow, Ass & horse were revered to the highest degree not so much as an idol but as sources of all goodness and benefit for planet Earth . their benefits were multi folds in farming, food chain & transportation as harmless non-carnivor herbivores. The names for these noble creatures are still with some dialectic variant the same in most indoeuropean languages;,

Ass, Harsp, Asp, assb, Horse, Cow, Gaow, Gaaw..

I will bet you that if we had put an Ass or a Gaaw in position of many of these ommatie elites in charge of our culture or politics  Iran would have been in a much better place today. You see the worst a Gaaw can do is basicaly "nothing" and that "nothing" is a thousand folds wiser and better than the "something" that these Eynollahs have done to Iran & her future. So no wonder they all want you for president ;:).

Cheers president pal!!!



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Dirty Angel

Fred, an off topic ethical dilemma

by Dirty Angel on

Asking you, because I know that you'd be able to put things succintly and know what I'm yapping on about (it's very obvious that you are right on top of your political theory, although mostly too right-wing for my taste...)...

I noticed that on your blog about MKO you stuck firmly to your political principles, which, to me,  high-lighted my recently, wavering stance(s). I've caught myself "contextualizing".

The question is that under certain, specific  circumstances, to what extent and with what criteria, if any, should an  ideology - (obviously, I don't mean like Shariati, replacing Freud with EmamZaman etc. insanities) -  or one's principles be "adjusted" in order to "contextualize", as in cultural, geographical etc. (sometimes in the interest of some form of "fairness") without the dangers of , often very possible delusional, certainties?


"Hiroshima, who was the hiro, and who is Shima?"


Oh and obviously, I've noticed that you've ALWAYS made a clear distinction between Islam and Political Islam (Islamists). 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is the definition of a charlatan. For all the reasons mentioned; he cooked up more BS than most mollahs. Guy was deranged but gifted with ability to decieve. One of the worst people in recent Iranian history.

Regarding the "Greens". They are a big mishmash of opposition to IRI. No single person speaks for all of them. This is just proof that "Green Leadership" is 100% in the pocket of IRI.


SamSam Khan

by Khar on

""Mr Shariatti suffered from "Eynollah come to town" syndrom""


I never thought of it that way, but its very much true!...Priceless Bro. :0))

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

I mean for the dictionary website. (I used to have to climb up to the top shelf!)


"Hiroshima, who was the hiro, and who is Shima?"

What can one do when people are blinded by faith (plus desperate 'confirmation bias' ) in the certainties of  fairy tales sold by snake-oil merchants, hell-bent on mushing up with other closed systems....


of friends and foes

by comrade on

I have almost been kicked out of this blog, which is another proof that I have a good reason for being a one-liner most of the time.

We can call our fellow citizens whatever we wish, but we cannot deny their rightful spot in history and in our society. Shariati, for good or bad, heralded and spearheaded an approach which had the potential to didder the foundation of a backward ideology.

To this date, there are those who believe he was promoted, and encouraged by SAVAK to undo the the infiltration of the Left in campuses.

All I'm saying is: He was not a charlatan, and Fred is still a friend of mine. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Mr Shariatti suffered from "Eynollah come to town" syndrom

by SamSamIIII on


 Just as Jalal al akhmagh this ommatie/marxists went thru the 3 phase process of Amazement, resentment & avengment.  This khoda biamorz & his Omaru comrades such as Chamran , Khiabani & Ebram mouzii Yazdi idolized & beautified selected sections of sharia and mixed them up with modern terms to make their Arabo-Quak remedy for an army of ignorant desciples to taste. Nothing original about this trickster since he is another in the long line of ommatie beauticians such as Hafiz who performed cosmetic surgery on Qadessi culture for it to be more presentable & tolerable for the badbakht Ajam. What ever crowd the sword of Omar couldn,t convert these beauticians did with their snake oil trickstry.

& amou Comrade, dont make a martyr outta him. On the contrary this gentleman sabzehvari son of an akhoond was given all accomodations & financial assistance from the same hated pahlavi regime throuout his life to the point of being appointed as head of the philosophy dept of university of Mashhad even after his crusade against the regime.

We are all charlatans, You idolize Marx & Lenin, He idolized hazrat Fatimah & Be'nt al Zainab and I idolize Cyrus(bbhs) & khosru. It takes one to know one but atleast I do it for home boys & not Arabo-Ruskies. & no this khoda biamorz kachal didn,t lose his head over it...the only thing lost on his head was his hair & common sense



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Islamist is NOT Muslim

by Fred on

By using the religion card in what is a virulent political dogma akin to the defunct Communism and Nazism you tell me:  “You can't stand the Muslim part, and I understand it.” it becomes clear to me that you do not understand.

Enjoy your weekend



by comrade on

It's not about the meaning, Fred. It's about the application. The meaning of the "C" word does not apply to Shariati, according to this humble commie fellow. Why? Because in our language some words have cultural weight and implication regardless of their entry in dictionaries. That's why when you called me a "pedar sookhteh", I was offended but I didn't try to convince you that my father had in fact died of a heart attack. Clear enough?

Shariati was a Muslim, a thinker and a timely phenomenon. Did he appear a bit "showy" at times? Yes he did. You can't stand the Muslim part, and I understand it.

OK, buddy?

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



The late Dehkhoda $50 bucks too?

by Fred on

شارلاتان . (فرانسوی ، ص ) ۞ کسی که با زبان خوش مردم را فریب دهد. (فرهنگ نظام ). حقه باز. شیاد. چاخان . چاچول . چاچولباز. یارم باز. ...



Of pimp and pomp

by comrade on

Fred is a good friend of mine and some day I'll take him to my Wiki, who gives the best head in town for 50 bucks. But before we take off, let's distinguish between a thinker who lost his life over his thought and those who lost their thought for their lives. The latter are charlatans, while the former is an honest loser.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Illeterate, psychotic charlatans

by Fred on

The way he went about systematically rewriting history to suit his Islamist aims, I tend to believe he was into deceiving. 

However, to believe in what these Islamist Rapists believe in, they probably are burdened with some elements or combination of all that you are pointing out.

Dirty Angel

Fred, but did he pretend and/or deceive or

by Dirty Angel on

was he just a full-blown illiterate, insane psychotic (who cheated on his CV)?

"Hiroshima, who was the hiro, and who is Shima?"



by Fred on

Wiki description of charlatan:

A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.”

It is not always about money.


Of Shariati and charlatan

by comrade on

I would not call Shariati a charlatan, simply for the reason of an unfitting characteristic. To me a charlatan is a public deceiver and attracter who ends up or tries to end up gaining material payoffs. A reward-less charlatan without a Swiss bank account is a simple loser.  I won't hesitate to take my words back if  my learned friends show me how much Shariati stashed away in a Swiss bank before his mysterious death.

The Green Movement, the one led by Mousavi and not the one dangling on the RP's wrist, is a religious entity; maybe not a hard core Islamist, but a Muslim thing nonetheless.

I don't know if any Pope ever called Luther a Charlatan?

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Simorgh5555 on

You just love the guy. If you hated him so much you would not be the first person to read his  blog and leave a comment. You started with all that 'Type A', 'Type B' and 'Type C' crap and no one paid you the least bit of attention. Is Fred, and Israeli propagandasit. Maybe. Maybe not. Is he against the regime? Undoubtedly. The issue is not why Fred is spreading Israeli propaganda on this site but why you are here writing your pro-Islamist terrorirst garbage. In terms of integrity and knowledge of Iran Fred is head and shoulders above you. Its an Iranian thing. As an 'American' (supposedly - clutching on to that 1/4 American heritage of yours), you will never understand.

Sargord Pirouz

So if we have the patience

by Sargord Pirouz on

So if we have the patience to read through this tortured rendition of English, all we really get out of it is that this particular writer in the "Fred" effort is anti-Green.

We hear a lot about who and what these people at "Fred" are against. But do we ever hear about who they are for? No. The reason is simple: they're cowards. You see, if they told us who they were for, that would provide something of a giveaway of who they are. And they're all too chicken-sh*t for that.