Dr. Zahra

by Fred

In a written interview with the Toronto based Iranian journalist and cartoonist Nik Ahang Kowsar,  the wife of the former two-term Prime Minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, who is now a purported “opposition leader”, says few interesting things.

The link to the English translation of the interview is at the bottom. 

Aside the usual charlatan Ali Shariati copied demagoguery, Zahra Kazemi Mousavi who goes by the name of “Dr. Zahra Rahnavard” says:

The plurality of this unity is philosophical and political, social and cultural. Within this kaleidoscope, why not allow for all colors to exist side by side?”

And she continues by posing a seemingly reasonable question:

“Why should Mousavi, a religious man and a supporter of Khomeini not be entitled to honestly wear his true colors?”

I don’t know about others, but I’ve got no problem with Dr. Zahra’s husband staying devoted to Khomeini or as he likes to venerate him, “the Imam”.  

But, I do have a huge problem with Mr. two-term Prime Minister not owning up to crimes against humanity committed by his ideal during his own Prime Ministership. 

His “Imam’s” handwritten order is available in which the fate of thousands of summarily murdered Iranian prisoners were sealed.  

Is it possible for this unabashed follower and devotee of a proven mass murderer to be the leader of anything except maybe the likeminded fellow criminally insane patients in the secure psych ward?




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hamsade ghadimi

doctor is a sought after

by hamsade ghadimi on

doctor is a sought after title for many who seek power and money in iran.  there are many phony doctors in iran.  aside from the phony medical practitioners, we have the politicians with fake degree. 

i remember when ahmadinjad was first elected in 2005. i was curious about his phd.  i did many internet searches until i came upon hamid behbahani who was his phd advisor.  behbahani in his internet resume (it's been modified since) had listed that he got his master and phd from university of florida in "kingsville," florida.  i think a person who has graduated from u of f should at least know the university is located in gainesville, florida.  he's been accused of copy and pasting other researchers' works and passing off as his own.  at any rate, behbahani is now the minister of transportation, has a construction company company in kuwait (probably circumventing the irgc-targeted sanctions), and still "publishes" scientific articles on behalf of ahmadinejad (latest in 2007).  kamran daneshjoo, a coleague of behbahani, who was responsible for counting votes in 2009 is also mired in lies about his education and is now the minister of education!




it's ironic that ahmadinejad was contesting the validity of dr. zahra's acadmic credentials during the 2009 presidential selection.



by AMIR1973 on

Thanks for the additional information. I knew Jaleh Kazemi was her sister, but I did not know that Iraj Gorgin was her brother-in-law...Take care.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks, Fred

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with you about this Mosavi & his so called very religious wife.  They all must be removed from any position and prosecuted for their crime in very future free IRAN.


Zohreh & Jaleh

by Fred on


You are right about Dr. Zahra’s name. Aside her preference to wear short dresses when she was a university student before the revolution, beside her total devotion to charlatan Ali Shariati back then and now, a less talked about aspect of her life has to do with her famous and talented sister, Jaleh Kazemi.

Jaleh whose voice many Iranians are familiar with was married to Iraj Gorgin who later on managed Radio Farda in Prague. Like her husband who likes to hide his share of responsibility for crimes against humanity done on his watch, she hides a lot of less-Islamist facts about herself too.

Here is a blog I found about her sister:



Take care.


Dear Fred,

by AMIR1973 on

I believe Zahra Rahnavard was born Zohreh Kazemi. Zahra Kazemi was the Canadian-Iranian journalist who was so ruthlessly murdered by the IRI's goons for taking pictures of families protesting outside Evin Prison. In any event, I think you raise a valid point in your blog. The period of Mousavi's term as the IRI's prime minister (1981-1989) represents one of the most intense periods of state violence against Iranians in Iran's history, and the key engine of that violence was none other than Mousavi's idol, Khomeini....Keep up the good work. Regards.