Dumb to the nth degree

by Fred

Finally the folks over at the UN got to their senses and changed their mind about holding “Philosophy Day” in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. Good for them, they just saved themselves some huge embarrassment, you see Islamist Rapists don’t do philosophy.

And since they are on the roll in acting sensibly, they must do something about the other highly stupid thing they are about to allow to happen tomorrow.

Letting IRR to seat on the board of UN body promoting women’s’ rights is as an asinine as anything UN can do. You see them Islamist Rapists are misogynist by dogma, having them on the board to safeguard women’s rights is dumb to the nth degree.  

The “election” is to take place tomorrow, and if UN allows this to happen, they will live to regret it big time.


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