Ebadi:much higher freedom now than Shah


by Fred

By now the unbridled suppression of those Iranians who had chosen to peacefully express their political views after yet another sham “election” by the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is beyond dispute.

During just that episode of continuing brutality by IRR, which has included cold blooded murder of at least 150+ Iranians and imprisoning thousands, many other men, woman and children were raped by IRR officials at rape centers.

In an in-depth 2010 interview with AlJazeera television network, rebroadcasted yesterday, after doing her routine about how the Mullah’s are misrepresenting Islamic laws and the fact that her brother Ja’far was an “advisor” of Mohammad Khatami during his “presidency”, Shirin Ebadi made the following statement:

“Under the shah the discriminatory laws were fewer. But in general, political freedom at present is much higher than the political freedom under the Shah. If it were under the Shah at the moment, rest assured that I would not have been able to sit in front of you, and blatantly criticize the government.

 What I mean is we had less political freedom under the Shah than we do at present.”

Knowing that Ebadi along with a good number of other IRR “reformist” minded have chosen to live outside Iran where this interview was conducted, two questions come to mind:

1- Is she right about now having more “political freedom”?

2- At what point should IRR “reformists” accept the obvious fact that their beloved is reform-proof?  


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There cannot be any “misquoting” where there is no quotation marks are used. In the body of the blog where quotation marks are employed, her entire statement is reflected.”

Besides, blog titles are usually abbreviated.

take care,


"There is absolutely"

by پندارنیک on

Calling the Basijis a paramilitary group is highly debatable on the basis of the definition..........for the sake of argument, I just say Shah's lack of personal popularity and that of his regime deprived him of such........again, for the sake of argument.

As far as propaganda goes, unless one never lived in the Shah's time Iran, propaganda was a 24/7 machinery...........I give you the benefit of the doubt on that point.

Now to Sepah, Qods, and Press TV. As an Iranian who is not happy with the turn of events in my country, I am sort of proud to see some "outreach" apparatus which can deprive the sworn enemies of my sacred land of nightly sound sleep.

I am making some sentimental and out-of-character remarks here, but I'll forgive myself, as soon as I remember that I am from a wretched generation whose king had to change His prime minister whenever the White House was handed over to the rival party oceans away.

My wounded soul, and humiliated sense of pride in the past, makes the hardship of the present so bearable...........I have no doubt the nation of Iran, will soon recover the genuine spirit of the Great Revolution, by means of reform from within. No sentimentality there. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza


Shazde Asdola Mirza

By mud-throwing I mean how you have misquoted her in the title:

"... political freedom at present is much higher than the political freedom under the Shah."

Otherwise, I'm sure that she understands that she cannot even go to the street to buy a loaf of bread with that head-of-hair out!

Oon Yaroo

One doesn't need to watch the whole video to reaffirm what

by Oon Yaroo on

]we have always thought of this woman! A committed and dedicated member of the IRR establishment!

As soon as you hear her saying the "misinterpretation of Islam" causes injustice sometimes, that's enough for me.

In other words, she says there is another version of Islam that is good! Sure, the pile that I just left in the craper has one side that smells less stinkier than the other side!



 There is absolutely

by vildemose on

 There is absolutely no measurable bases or empirical data for Ebadi's assertion. She confuses the illusion of political freedom due to a sohpisticated propaganda machinary of the IRI with real political freedom. The Shah regimes did not spend any money on propaganda and did not have a clue how valuable propaganda could be in shaping perception.

All evidence are against her assertion. Did shah have a paramilitary basiji? Did shah have Sepah pasdaran? Ghods Force? Extensive network of spies and assassins inside and outside of Iran??

Shah was stupid for not spending money on propaganda apparatus  the way IRI spends money on PRESS TV, and all kinds of other instruments...

"Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe." Robert Browning in 'Ceuciaja'




There is no “mud throwing” just statement of facts.

Ebadi is part of the Islamist revolutionaries who have had a hand in the revolution and have participated in its administration.

The group that Ibrahim Yazdi now heads and the son of Bazargan who lives in California, has proclaimed himself as its leader outside the country, continues with this “reformability” nonsense on top of Islamist governance being compatible with democracy, the charlatan Ali Shariati nonsense.

If shattering the “glimmers of hope”, a demonstrably empty promise the dejected Islamist democracy believers continue to espouse is bad manner, then, guilty as charged.  



by Shemirani on

Tak Take azadiae Fardi gerefte shod ba in Anghelab, hala edea mikonid fazae siasi azadtar ast az zaman shah , I THINK YOU ARE COMPLETELY INSANE ! Totally CRAZY !!!

tavaghohi nadaram az kassi ke chand sal pish sange eslame democratic mizan baramoon !

Shazde Asdola Mirza

POLITICAL is the key word

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Dear Fred - you are not helping us by throwing mud at the few glimmers of hope in the depressed Iranian landscape.

"Getting rid of reformists" seems to be at least as important to you as getting rid of the dictatorship in Iran. Hence, you open yourself to attacks from people who sense that you care less about Iran and more about ...

Yes, the TOTAL freedom (social, religious, personal ... political) in Iran right now is much much less than during Shah. However, comparing just the Political component of it, is like trying to discern Shiite from crap.


Well, the lady has a point!

by Roger_Rabbit on

Let's face it, when under the Shah can you remember a "political dissident" whose brother was an adviser to His Majesty?  Pendar Nik:   I love your choice of words: "The debate about IRI seemingly  slipping down the path of absolute dictatorship, like that of the Shah ..." I can see you are a fellow artist!!  


Of freedom

by پندارنیک on

1- Those of us who lived a good portion of our adult lives under the Shah's regime can clearly see the difference. Yes, dear Fred. Without an iota of hesitation I declare that there's more political freedom in Iran today than in the time of the Shah from 1953 onward.

2-Reform is a process and not an event. The debate about IRI seemingly  slipping down the path of absolute dictatorship, like that of the Shah, is only for those who believe in the virtue of the spirit of democracy which dominates the foundation of the Revolution and actively take part in constructive political activities.