Ebadi:much higher freedom now than Shah


by Fred

By now the unbridled suppression of those Iranians who had chosen to peacefully express their political views after yet another sham “election” by the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is beyond dispute.

During just that episode of continuing brutality by IRR, which has included cold blooded murder of at least 150+ Iranians and imprisoning thousands, many other men, woman and children were raped by IRR officials at rape centers.

In an in-depth 2010 interview with AlJazeera television network, rebroadcasted yesterday, after doing her routine about how the Mullah’s are misrepresenting Islamic laws and the fact that her brother Ja’far was an “advisor” of Mohammad Khatami during his “presidency”, Shirin Ebadi made the following statement:

“Under the shah the discriminatory laws were fewer. But in general, political freedom at present is much higher than the political freedom under the Shah. If it were under the Shah at the moment, rest assured that I would not have been able to sit in front of you, and blatantly criticize the government.

 What I mean is we had less political freedom under the Shah than we do at present.”

Knowing that Ebadi along with a good number of other IRR “reformist” minded have chosen to live outside Iran where this interview was conducted, two questions come to mind:

1- Is she right about now having more “political freedom”?

2- At what point should IRR “reformists” accept the obvious fact that their beloved is reform-proof?  


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

anglophile jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks regarding NIOC I would have never guessed!



by anglophile on

VPK jan


NIOC is the National Iranian Oil Company, formerly AIOC (Anglo-Iranian Oil Company), formerly ABOC (Anglo-Bakhtiari Oil Company) and presently BP (British Petroleum).

Muhammad Agha Sahimi who was working for the NIOC after graduation from Tehran university received a (Shah's) government sponsorship to do a PhD in Minnesota and return to Iran to serve the people of Iran. Then like all other Pahlavi-sponsored students in the US he turned against his benefactor, the Shah, and joined the Khomeini's revolution. But like all other Pahlavi-sponsored students he decided that it was cosier in warm sunshine of southern California than in the sweltering heat of southern Tehran so bugger the service to his nation and he stayed in the States. He joined the department of Chem Eng in the university of southern California (incedentally the alma mater of Agha Reza Pahlavi). Gradually he grew there until they appointed him to a professorial chair that used to be sponsored by Muhmmad Agha's former sponsor (the Shah), hence called "the Shah's chair.  I must say that here Muhammad Agha made a nice gesture of gratituded to his former sponsor and kept the name of the chair the "NIOC chair" in honour his old benefactor. The chair is no longer sponsored by the Islamic regime despite Agha Fred's claim to the contrary.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Fred

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What is NIOC? Honestly are you misspelling NIAC or do you mean something else. Also do you have any proof that NIOC whatever it is gets funding from IRI. 


tyranny light or heavy is still tyranny

by sparrowlake on

always amazes me how people like this think they know so  much about freedom, when in fact they know nothing. 

Ultimately freedom of thought has it moral foundation in religious freedom, none of which exists in the Muslim world.  Without religious freedom and talk of freedom is nonsense.  Ones religious state of mind can not be controlled by government without tyranny.  



The NIOC compensated

by Fred on

After the mass murder of Iranians was a known fact, working for the Islamist Rapist Republic in any capacity, let alone at its higher echelons, requires much more creative writing and excuses than offered by this NIOC compensated nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists.

The Islamists including this camera shy Ja’far Ebadi, who  without getting any response was repeatedly inquired about from the NIOC compensated nuke lobbyist, have a lot of explaining to do.

The consequences of their faction losing in the power struggle among the Islamist Rapists, buys them some sympathy, however, no immunity.


A bit of history

by Mammad on

1. The Shah did have his pasdaaraan. It was called Gaurd-e Javidaan.

2. Anyone who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s knows that the Shah's regime - just like its farzand-e khalaf, the VF regime - was 95% propaganda. In this it was aided by former Tudeh party members and people who were members of the Revolutionary Organization of Rudeh Party, the Maoist faction of the Confederation of Iranian Students, with such people as Parviz Nikkhah, Koroush Lashaei, and their comrade in arm, Abbas Milani who is now trying to rewrite the history. Many former Tudeh party members worked for the Shah's propaganda machine.This is so well known.

3. The Shah did have assassins sent outside Iran. As a matter of fact, the Shah's regime committed one of the earliest state-sponsored terrorism. On October 9, 1970, a Boeing 727 of Iran Air with 44 persons abroad was "highjacked" and taken to Baghdad, Iraq. It turned out a few days later that the highjackers were in fact agents of SAVAK, the Shah's secret police, posing as the supporters of General Teymour Bakhtiar who had taken political asylum in Iraq. The SAVAK agents then murdered Bakhtiar in Iraq, a man who had served the Shah's regime for many years!

4. The Shah had an indirect but important role in the rise of
terrorism in Europe in the 1970s. In 1967, he visited West Berlin. During the anti-Shah demonstrations there by German leftists and their Iranian counterparts, a German student was shot and killed by the police. This event was, according to German political scientists and historians, a prime reason for the rise of the Maoist Baader-Meinhof group in Germany that was involved in many terrorist acts. One of the most famous terrorist highjackings took place in the 1970s when the BM terrorists demanded the release of Andreas Baader from a German jail in return for releasing the airliner and its passengers (Germany refused to go along, the highjacking was a failure, and Andreas Baader committed suicide in jail).

5. Just like the VF regime that supports dictatorial regimes outside Iran's borders - such as Syria - the Shah did the same. In September 1970, King Hossein of Jordan, with the covert and overt support of his close ally and friend, the Shah, massacred thousands of Palestinians and drove Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) into Lebanon. This event, known as the Black September, provided the impetus for the subsequent highjacking of many passenger airliners by the PLO in the 1970s, long before the Revolution. It is universally recognized that highjacking of airliners began after the Black September. The Shah also sent Iranian Soldiers to intervene in Oman's civil war, armed Kurds against Iraq, etc. So, the Shah's regime was just as interventionist as the VF regime.

6. The Shah was not aware that Iran's fighter jets had been taken to Vietnam by the U.S. without letting him know. Read his mother's memoir for his reaction when he found out; I won't repeat it here because it was replete with profanity.

So, before "getting angry" about what the Shah did or did not, or had or did not have, I suggest some of you read history.

7. Ebadi was talking about political freedom, not social. Yes, Iranians had ample social freedom during the Shah, but zero, zilch, nada political freedom, which is wy there was a revolution.

Indeed, there is more political freedom in the current conditions, than there ever was during the Shah. This is not because the VF regime has granted the people the fredom - far from it. But, because the people through their struggle have earned it. I am not claiming that this is democracy - far from it - but that COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING, there is more political freedom now. Just spend a bit of time and surf the websites and publications based in Iran, and the statements and positions taken by various groups, even those that have been outlawed, etc. When did we have that during the Shah? He did not even tolerate Iran-e Novin Party - the "baleh ghorban party" - and Mardom - the "chashm ghorban party" - closed them in 1975, and founded the neo-fascist Rastakhiz party.

8. Ja'far Ebadi, Shirin's brother and a friend of 35 years, is an economist, a Professor at the University of Tehran, and was an economic adviser to Khatami. He and his family have been under tremendous pressure. His other sister was jailed for no reason, had a heart attack in jail, and then was released. His brother-in-law, Shirin's husband, has been banned from leaving Iran. He and his family are constantly summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence for interrogation. So, before attacking such good people, just put yourself in their position.

9. The last time I looked Farah Pahlavi was not anyone's Sovereign, least of all Shirin Ebadi. 



Not Very Smart for a Judge!

by HHH on

To say "Now we have more political freedom" when a minute ago she said "Death order has been issued on me by IRI" is not very smart!

She says "I couldn't sit in front of you and talk against the regime during Shah!", dear madam, you very well could, but just like today you couldn't have returned back to Iran afterward because under both regimes you'd get arrested!

This Noble prize was given to Shirin-Ebadi as a western show of finger to IRI, to say "Here' we're giving the Noble price to an Iranian citizen who is opposing your views regarding human rights"! The Noble "PEACE" prize was also given to Mr. Obama while his troops were shooting and bombing innocent Iraqis and Afghans so it shows where they stand. 


دست مریزاد شازده


دست مریزاد شازده.  طاقت نیاوردی، باید باز یک تک مزرابی میزدی؟  نتونستی خودتو برای چند جمله نگه داری و یک متلکی به یهودی ها نگی؟  بالاخره باید رنگ خودتو نشون بدی؟   

 امثال تو هستند که باعث شدند این مملکت یک پارچگی خودشو از دست بده

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am sure it is all politics. No one in their right mind would say there is more freedom now. My question is whether it will do any good. She is alienating her western support.

But she is not going to score any points with IRI. Sometimes you do better with taking the hard path. Like Mandela did in South Africa. Or she will become another non person like the rest of us.

Honestly if I were in Iran I would get behind Karroubi and not her. At least he is taking it on the chin and speaking out. Mousavi is too tainted with his crimes as PM. But a leader must take chances and she is is not.


Aiming at what is achievable

by Truthseeker9 on

I think she may be playing politics - trying to go for a strategy that has a chance to succeed in Iran (Green within IRI). She can't go on record saying IRI should be toppled, she has family in Iran and after all she is human and is thinking of a workable solution where majority are Muslim. Not that I agree with this but sometimes you need to go for something that hs a chance. Personally I dont think IRI will be toppled unless there is military action of some sorts. No famous Iranian, especially one who has won a Peace Prize, will go on record and say topple the regime through violence (war).

(only my hunch)


Insults to the Nobel Peace Prize

by Reality-Bites on

"..she is not an insult to the Nobel Peace Prize. That happened decades ago with Kissinger on."

Too true.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shirin Ebaid disappointment

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


She has turned out to be a real disappointment. I was having some hope for her after being critical of her. Mostly due to my mother's praises of her. But I give up Shirian Ebadi is no good and hopeless.

We need to look elsewhere for courage in leadership. Heck even Karroubi has more integrity than Ebadi. However she is not an insult to the Nobel Peace Prize. That happened decades ago with Kissinger on.

Maryam Hojjat

Simorgh5555, Well Said

by Maryam Hojjat on

She is very controversial!

Maryam Hojjat

gorbeh pashmalo, Excellent Comparison

by Maryam Hojjat on

What can you expect from this lady who introduced herself as moslem rather than Iranian in recieving nobel prize ceremony.


I don't get Ebadi's comments!

by Reality-Bites on

She does admit that under the Shah discriminatory laws were fewer, before going on to say:

"..If it were under the Shah at the moment, rest assured that I would not have been able to sit in front of you, and blatantly criticize the government..."

I realise she said this last year, but was Ebadi really saying that if she were in Iran "blatantly criticizing" the government of the Islamic Republic there would be no repercussions? Then why has she run away from Iran and taken refuge in a foreign country?

gorbeh pashmalo

Compare Nelson Mandela with Shirin Ebadi! Two Nobel Peace Prize

by gorbeh pashmalo on


One spends all of his life struggling against tyranny in his country ...

The other one spends all of her life to prolong tyranny in her country.

One is the symbol of integrity, dedication, and ethics...

The other one is a symbol of depict, hypocrisy, and  dishonesty.

Nelson Mandela abolished apartheid!

Shirin Ebadi is here to preserve IRI!


LOL Shirin,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

She just took one Giant S##% on the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!


Each time Trita Parsi

by Simorgh5555 on

Each time Trita Parsi desperately argues that NIAC is not a lobbying group for the Islamic Republic Shirin Ebadi happily reminds us that it is. 


Ebadi is irrelevant

by BoosBoos on

She is irrelevant - that's all that needs to be said.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Fred: you're right - there was no room for POLITICAL in title

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I like the way you debate ... it's like fighting over a penny with an Esfahani Jew ... lol



by Simorgh5555 on

We all know that you are not a thinking animal but must you remind us of your handicap every time you open your mouth madam?   Lol Brilliant!  

Shazde Asdola Mirza

خانم عبادی سرور ماست ... هرچی‌ هم که بگه قبوله ... حتی دری وری

Shazde Asdola Mirza

She has proven her worth, her courage and her patriotism ... no matter in what she believes.

The rest of you can go buy a couple of balls in the flea market and hang them in your empty sacks.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Akbar Ganji: "Iran has less than 1000 Political Prisoners"

by Darius Kadivar on


she is full of 'it'

by shushtari on

she's another one of these quasi-reformists who want to continue this failed 'experiment' of mixing akhoonds and governance!

she, along with mussavi, khatami, kahroubi, and the rest of the mullahs are all from the same miserable stock of khomeini and shariati......

iran has suffered long enough at the hands of these fools.....and like fred said, if there is so much political freedom, why the heck is she 'criticizing' the mullahs from the safety of exile????

as i said, she's full of 'it' 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Shirin Ebadi is playing both sides of the deal. I am not sure what she is up to. In the past I have been very critical of her but she may be doing politics.

Karroubi on the other hand is more outspoken. Hence in jail! Sometimes you got to lie and cheat to gain power. I am hoping Ebadi is doing that.

Anyway we don't know what a person is made of until the gain power. Khomeini said lots of nice things and were all lies. Maybe she is doing the opposite; I don't know.


If she is the measure of political freedom, I am Sir Winston!

by anglophile on


Mrs Ebadi, please madam!! We all know that you are not a thinking animal but must you remind us of your handicap every time you open your mouth madam?


Shirin Ebadi

by Simorgh5555 on

Listening to Ebadi and reading the trasncript provided by Fred only reinforces that NIAC and its support base are part and parcel of the Islamic Republic, 

Not only that but Shirin Ebadi's statement flys in the face of what the Green Party leader Mehdi Karoubi said

 "The Shah’s regime was corrupt at its core, but he didn’t behave like this with the people. What do the armed forces have to do with the election’s results? Why did they treat the people like this on the 22nd of Bahman (in the Persian calendar it corresponds to February 11 ed.)? During the reign of the Shah there were rules; they did not take the people arrested to the mosque to beat them to death even before they appeared in front of the judiciary. These people make arrests without a warrant, beat them and keep them in detention. Not to mention the rest (Karroubi has denounced the rape of the protesters after their arrest, ed.)».


This was of course echoed by Mir  Hossein Mousavi.

Both of these men have been arrested indefinitely and their location unknown. In contrast, the Shah exiled Khomeini and refrained to listen to good advice to eliminate him thus giving him a platform by which to attack the regime.

Is Shirin Ebadi suffering from amneisa? Has she forgotten the clold blooded murder of Dariush Forouhar and his wife? Has Ebadi forgot about the chain assassinations (or ghatlaye zanjiri) and even the murder of its perpetrator Saeed Emami the Head of the Ministry of Intelligence? Has Ebadi become so senile that she has forgotten about the scores of journalists and bloggers arrested and brutally murdered in prison such as Omid Reza Mirsayafi?

Shirin Ebadi made her reputation as a human rights campaigner but with her association with NIAC and this recent interview she has solidified her reputation as a fake. She fits nicely into the mould of NIAC together with the rest of the minions and schivys serving the Terrorist regime in Tehran   


The only valid/impartial arguement on this kind of debate....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

When people try to compare two murdering dictatorships of Shah and Islamist so called "republic", comes from the groups and individuals who have fought and sacrificed their entire lives in order to defeat them both. Or at least from the people who had no executive roles and positions within either of these dictatorships

In my opinion, Iranian people deserve a lot more than an absolute dictatorship, be it of Shah or Sheikh. I also am very certain that lots and lots of young activists in Iran agree with this perspective.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Darius Kadivar

Not surprising From a "Shariati" Groupie enjoying the EU Royalty

by Darius Kadivar on

Not surprising From a "Shariati" Groupie enjoying the European Royalty nevertheless ...


ROYAL CURTSY: Shirin Ebadi Greeted by Monaco's Prince Albert II at Geneva UN Panel (2008)


But refusing to Meet Her Own Sovereign ...


ROYAL GREEN: Shahbanou Farah at Albert & Charlène's Monaco Wedding

And without the Regime of Which  she would never have become a Judge in the First place:


pictory: Promotional Film on Women during Pahlavi Era (1970's)


Only to lose it with the Revolution she wholeheartingly supported and the Constitution of which was drafted by her Friend Karim Lahiji who sponsored her for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Bi Khial ... 


Unlike Mrs. Ebadi her ever growing fellow compatriots don't have Alzheimers:


BELLA CIAO: Shahbanou Farah Warmly Greeted by Green Supporters in Paris


Soccer Player Shahram Motejaded Meets Shahbanou Farah 


NAMAK-NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah

EMPRESS OF THE ARTS & HEARTS: Houshang Touzie and Shahbanou Farah (April, 22nd 2010)

EMPRESS OF THE ARTS: David Nasser Khalili, Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi, and Ghass Rouzkhosh

EMINENT PERSIANS: Hadi Khorsandi and Shahbanou Farah at French Ministry of Culture (13th July, 2010)



But I hope "Shahbanou" Ebadi and the rest of her Gauche Caviar Friends enjoy the Caviar and Champagne at the various Receptions hosted for her at various events Only to make Political correct and crowd pleasing comments which have long ceased to fool anyone truly following the record of the Regime and Constitution she has been staunchly defending.


Mellat Deegeh Gooleh Shoma Roh Nameekhoreh !



wrong title

by freenet on

این چه تیتری هست انتخاب کردی. . عبادی   در این مصاحبه چنین حرفی رو نزده. شما سواد پارسی دارید ؟