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In an interview Ahamad-Reza Radan the Deputy Commander of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s police force has announced the stationing of Basiji Militia in the neighborhoods.

Although there never was any love lost between the people and the Basiji thugs, the events of past few months have made it into an open hostility.

Ever since the Basiji thugs mowed down unarmed Iranians, their rooftop sharpshooters randomly picked off peaceful demonstrators, chain wielding motorcycle mounted Basiji wolf-packs cracked heads, broke bones and maimed Iranian men, women and children alike the population's revulsion is undeniable.

Of course their raping, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children who were picked up during and after those demonstrations have not helped the situation. In fact the same Commander who made this announcement stands accused of personally participating in some of those Islamist crimes against the captive Iranians at the Kahrizak torture and rape center.

With the Persian New Year festivities around the corner and the Islamists’ instinctual animosity with anything having to do with celebration of life and happiness especially the innately Persian customs this unleashing of the Islamist Rapists with a badge will only add fuel to the fire.

Having the Basiji thugs who are documented torturers, rapists and murderers stationed in neighborhoods to ostensibly “safeguard peoples’ security” is akin to foxes guarding the chicken coop with the difference that these heartless amoral Islamist killing machines are rapists as well.






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my Eidi to Iranian leaders:

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enough said!

Mardom Mazloom

Mein Früd;

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Eidi shoma be mardom Iran chi shod pass? Where is your magic paragraph of the end? You should have written this blog like this:


For Eidi, the sane world must act and put air tight sanctions on Iran. Because  Radan is an a@@hole, he said that he will kill every woman, man and baby who disagree with Imam mahdi. Time is up.